Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Finish This - Week 60


This week's prompt for Finish this with Nicole -  

Something that has impressed me this week...
This is really a something and a someone... John told me he wants to go to the upcoming Mens Conference at church. Guys, this is BIG! I pray daily for my husband and his walk with God. He didn't grow up in a Christian home and he really doesn't know what a traditional marriage, household looks like or how he as a husband should be head of household. I'm not bashing my hubby here, because really he does very well! As a Christian I do my very best to exhibit a faithful Christian lifestyle and walk with Christ and use every opportunity I can to teach him about a Christian household (not that I'm perfect or my background is perfect) but sometimes it's hard to find the balance between guiding him and showing him verses becoming belittling about the way he was raised and therefore sees his roles now.
If you would, please be in prayer that God works in his heart at the Conference!
Someone who has impressed me this week... 
 Well if it wouldn't be horribly redundant I would list the first one again because I'm that excited about it...
I'd also like to mention that it's been kind of a slow week since I haven't been out of the house since church on Sunday. I'm not generally a big fan of cold/ice, but especially not when I'm pregnant and there is a risk of falling & hurting myself. I'm seriously lacking in all things human exposure this week!

Not this week, but within the last week... on Saturday we toured a birthing center in Argyle (a nearby town) and I was so impressed by the midwife, the birth center and their approach to birth! We have talked at length, prayed and prayed and even though I can't imagine how hard it will be to leave my current care and not have Kathy as my midwife we are going to change care to this birth center.



  1. Wowwww, that is awesome you're Husband is attending that men's conference. Praise God! I understand trying to find the balance and walk the proverbial line at the same time. My husband was raised in the church but he got burned out by being MADE to go while living in his parent's home and being MADE to participate in every event and activity that now, as an adult, he wants nothing to do with church or church activities. Of course, as an adult, you always recognize the brokenness and human-ness involved with the church, from the politics to ill-appropriated funds, etc. and that upsets him too. It's tough but it's an argument I refuse to have because I see both sides of the situation and all I can do is pray, pray, pray and hope that his heart will change. Of course, another "bump" in our road is that my Husband is Baptist and I am United Methodist. We agree on some big-tee Truths but disagree on smaller details. I'm not going to a Baptist church and he isn't going to a Methodist one. Aye ei ei. I'm sorry this has becoming a novel, I'm going to shut up now. HA!!!!!!!!

    p.s. Kudos to YOU for choosing your birth center and making plans and preparations for Babyyyy. So, so, soooo exciting. I do NOT want another child, but I do miss being pregnant, giving birth, and nursing/pumping. Savor every moment, time goes by in an instant. :)

    1. *your ..... Sweet Lord, Jesus, my grammar skills are not awake this morning. Geeesh

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