Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap {visiting Bubba}

This past weekend we went to see Jacob at ETBU!

Many of you will remember how I wasn't exactly thrilled with him moving
(as seen here and here)
It was a difficult emotional time for me.

Well, I've gotten over the emotional mess and readjusted to life with my brother 3ish hours away.

It was so nice to go and meet his friends and see his life there and how much he is enjoying his college experience! 

You can't really see him, but Hayden is Jacob's best friend, one of his roommates and plays on ETBU's football team! GO HAYDEN!!

Smile Jacob!!
Beginning of the game...
It was COLD!
(okay, cold for Texas!)

End of the game...
All bundled up!

Sunday we went to church with the brother,
then since it was family weekend Hayden's girlfriend's parents
and a friend and her parents all joined us for lunch at a local BBQ.

It was a great weekend!

{We're really looking forward to next weekend - we're headed back to LUBBOCK!!
We'll get to see old friends, family and Texas Tech Football!!}

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