Friday, October 12, 2012


Friday, Friday Friday
{now imagine me singing that and doing an embarrassing little dance in my chair}

Life has been Crazy!
Deadline is upon us 
(Monday is your deadline to file your 1040 if you extended it folks!!)
and I feel horrible that I won't be around for the awful afternoon the office is about to have...
or the terrible Saturday everyone in the office (except me) will experience.

But I will be on the way to Lubbock!!
That's right! For the first time since I graduated - we get to go back and see a football game!
And my Aunt M and Uncle B!! : D


I've been trying to keep my excitement to a minimum since things were so stressful around the office.
But the closer we get to the time to leave, the more antsy and excited I get!!

Pictures to come... and WRECK 'EM TECH!!

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