Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIWW - a monumental accomplishment for me!

I'm pretty awful at posting my What I Wore Wednesdays...
but this week it is more than that for me!

It's a big enough deal, I'm even willing to post an AWFUL picture of myself for it!

OKAY, so for the monumental accomplishment part!

I got this dress last December maybe early January. I had gained quite a bit of weight, but I'm not sure exactly how much because I was adamantly ignoring the scales. : )

I bought the dress because I really liked it but it didn't really fit... at all.
it was on sale - and it was already a very frustrating shopping trip so I wanted something to show for it. 

That miserable shopping trip has been in my mind since then. 
And I never even took the tags off the dress, much less wore it until this morning.

I decided "what the hay" and gave it a whirl
(I seriously need to do laundry in other words!)

It not only FITS, but it's a little too large!! : ) !! : )

(In this picture I was *trying* to demonstrate the "wiggle" room in the dress by pulling my hand forward in the pocket... all that accomplishes is making it look bad.)

Sometimes it takes time! It takes a chance to step back and look at all the work you've accomplished!
I had NO idea I had lost this much weight
(especially since I didn't know what I weighed this time last year)
I intellectually understood I was smaller although I'm great at beating myself up because it doesn't seem like I make great big huge strides in the weight-loss department.
But it is so great to be shown the success you've had!

Ironically enough, I'm also so sore I can hardly move from yesterdays workout!

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