Saturday, January 5, 2013

Time Management: My System {Part 2} Calendar

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I'm sharing how I keep up with my Calendar.

I am speaking to those of you who {like the past version of me} cannot seem to move past that
physical planner that you carry everywhere like it is your Bible.

I loved my planner, but the convenience of an electronic calendar cannot be beat!

Before the days of Google Calendar, my family would sit down in the living room about once a month and "sync" our calendars. We would share dates with each other that would be important for the family as a whole or good-to-know.

Now, we can all see each others' calendars simply by clicking the side bar of your list of calendars (after your link the calendars together)

Even better - I can have multiple calendars to keep things easily color coded.

I'm usually stalking Pinterest online planning our grocery lists and menu plans, I later move them to the refrigerator door, but for planning purposes, it was easiest for me to create a calendar to map them out.
(See Turquoise)

Jacob being away at college, it's great having access to his calendar (blue)
And, when my Dad bothers to update his... we sync with him too.

I do occasionally print out my calendars and post them on my office wall just to have it at a glace.

If you're like me, you may have more than one email address. Everything that belongs to both John & me goes to one email address {purple}, my personal stuff goes into another {pink} and of course John's personal goes to his {green}. Then, to keep things simplified (I know it sounds complicated, but makes life so much easier!), my Thirty One Business {orange} has it's own email address as does my blog {magenta}!

This calendar is composed by the linking of all those Google Account email addresses & their associated calendars. If you set your permissions up properly, you can edit and share each calendar from any Google Account.

Another bonus:
 This route to keeping up with your life is free - traditional calendars run anywhere from $13 to in the $100's.

A final point on calendars in our home...
It's a rule my mother started with us as kids and has worked well and we still use today.
What goes on the calendar first, is the commitment we stick with.
 Obviously, I'm not talking about extreme extenuating circumstances; sickness, doctor, etc. But when it comes to outings, volunteer projects, dinners with friends etc. Some times we just have to say "I'm sorry, we already have something on that night". Even when the alternative would have been more fun.

It seems like a basic concept, but it takes the grey area out. It becomes black and white, you do what you committed to first. Without that grey area, scheduling is a much easier process.

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