Tuesday, January 8, 2013

House Hunting

John and I have started the process to purchase a house.
We're shooting to purchase late this summer or fall.

It is my intention to be 100%, perfectly honest with my readers about our experiences and the process.

For us, the first step is figuring out exactly what we want & need.
Since we are living in a family property with minimal rent, we can afford to wait and find the perfect property.
{We're going to have to find a very patient Realtor}

We're willing to purchase a house that needs updates (depending on what the updates are). However, after living in a house that needs major repairs, we're not particularly interested in dealing with a similar situation.
The big trick, is we're only willing to spend $100,000 max. And when I say max, we would really prefer to shoot for $75 - $80K.

So far we've got:

When you've been looking for homes, what were your criteria?
Things we should look out for?

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  1. I love your list! My hubs and I need to sit down and look at that together. Good idea!


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