Wednesday, January 2, 2013


 I made a boo boo that I may never live down.
(You can't judge my awful floors!)

Our water had frozen Christmas Day. We could tell that it was trying to defrost and break through because we could hear it in the pipes. So, we turned on the water (that never ended up flowing) and left the spouts open.  I forgot to turn off the water - so Thursday afternoon when no one was home and it finally defrosted - it filled the sink and over flowed onto the floor.

When I ran home to let the dogs out - we were greeted by this mess.

 It's hard to tell, but I'm standing in a ton of water - by the way, case and point on my hatred for linoleum! 

I've never been so grateful for my rain boots!!
Oh, and wet/dry vacs!
(And the awesome brothers who came & bailed me out!)

In the end, it came out to 80+ gallons.
Oh, how I dread the water bill this month.

Even worse, in my flustered angry temperament at the mess - I called John who was out to dinner with friends {over an hour away}, and attempted to blame him for the mess.
Fortunately, my husband is sweet and he opted to just hang up the phone rather than return the angry words I was using.

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