Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 years

Today we are celebrating our second year of marriage!
(cue marking off #61)

Since the anniversary fell on a Tuesday this year, we had a joint celebration for the anniversary and John's birthday last weekend. 

When we picked our wedding date there was nothing sweet and romantic about it - it was all business. It was a Saturday that none of our other friends were getting married on, the church was available, everyone in the family could be there, and there was enough time to plan and pay for the thing.

Apparently I had also been hit over the head with a 2x4 because adding anything else to January was stupid! It already has all the after Christmas hangover, New Years, my Birthday and John's birthday.
Heaven help us if we add a child's birthday to the already overflowing month.

This year we kept it simple but it was exactly what we needed!
We got a room at nice hotel (thank you to John's mom!) & spent the evening just the two of us!

The suite we stayed in is the nicest room we've ever had the pleasure of sleeping in!
I would be pretty okay with the idea of living in a hotel!

Left: We've made a tradition of getting a small wedding cake to celebrate our anniversary - notice we're getting some use out of those ridiculously expensive fancy cake knives that have officially been used exactly 3 times!

Right: Then, John's mom surprised us with a little birthday/anniversary gift and room service brought this up! We had a LOT of cake, and enjoyed eating it too!

Our gifts to each other were quite simple too (*ahem* translation, property taxes are due on the 31st of this joyous month). 2nd anniversary gifts are traditionally cotton. John got me a cute pair of cotton pajama pants and a new pair of slippers (which I actually requested!) and I got him a new pair of "around the house" shoes. 

Yes, I know we're old married people now. Maybe next year we'll be a bit more exciting, maybe.


  1. Looks like a great weekend! So glad y'all got to celebrate with lots of CAKE!!!

  2. I think this sounds like the perfect anniversary!


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