Saturday, September 15, 2012

Meet my new friend!

Hi! I want to introduce to my lovely readers one of my very favorite bloggers!

Christa Waldrop is the author of Significance or Nothing
When I found her wonderful blog I smitten with her title.
Significance or Nothing.
So succinct and wonderful!

Then as it turns out her blog is much more than just a great title.
I enjoy her honesty and refreshing posts!
I've also gotten the opportunity to "get to know" her some and she is so sweet and kind-hearted.

I am very pleased that she agreed to post here today!
You guys should really go check her out and give her some blog loving!!

Without further adeau... Christa!


Hello new friends! I am Christa & you can find me at Significance or Nothing. First, I want to thank Rebekah for asking me to grace her space on the WWW! Happy to be with you today.

I want to talk about something most of us can relate to: girlfriends. Perhaps I am jumping the gun here, but I feel like it's a statistic (fact check, anyone?) that most blog readers are female with the occasional splash of a male reader here & there.

Girlfriends are a connection I hold near & dear to my heart & one that I think you should, too. I am not specifically talking about your best girlfriends. Of course, they are very important, but today I am simply talking about girlfriends in general.

Define: females who find they have something in common, can connect and/or chat as if they've known one another forever after first meeting. I am talking about the woman-to-woman connection on a very general level. Those "oh my gosh, me too" & the I never knew anyone else felt that way" moments.

Those very things that can bring us together. Those BAM moments when you realize someone is going to be a new friend. Maybe some would call these girl crushes... I'm really not sure?  

I think they're fabulous. I think we're all pretty fabulous.

This connection is extremely prevalent within the blogging community. I am not even sure how I first found Rebekah's blog, but I did & for that I am glad. I left a comment on one of her posts & received a sweet e-mail back about how we had a lot in common & I've been reading ever since.

I liked Rebekah's blog because she's funny, she's real, & I can tell she loves life. She also loves The American President, which I can quote in its entirety. You see, this is why I love blogging. Meeting people from all around the world you have little things in common with & can form an instant connection. A girlfriend connection. 

Perhaps I am a bit biased & men actually connect this way, too, but I choose to think we're special. Being a women is extraordinary, isn't it?

Come by and say hello sometime. I'd love to meet you. Obviously it's my thing.

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