Thursday, September 6, 2012

Desire to Inspire: Taking control & Letting go of your Finances.

Kind of an oxymoron when you phrase it that way...

It wasn't right after college, or right after J and I were married, but at some point during our married life we began to feel like life was on fast forward.  It happened to be October the first time I noticed it happening... then the next thing I knew it was March.

I was sitting at my desk absolutely baffled as to where the last 5 months had gone.
I first thought it was because we weren't marking time by deadlines passing or semesters ending, but I've realized it's because we're always looking to the future wishing away the time we have now.

It isn't that we don't love our lives and enjoy the days as time passes - but we were consistently thinking that Pay Day is only a week, or two weeks away. 

We were marking time by money and gauging our happiness based on the balance of our checking account.

My encouragement for you if you find yourself in a similar situation:

- Turn your situation over to God. You should be aware of your financial realities but they shouldn't dictate how you enjoy time with your family and the quality of time you have with them (don't let it affect your mood)

- Figure out where your money is going.  Breaking down bank statements from the last 6 months into detailed spreadsheets will give you an idea of your frivolous spending and help you to cut those costs or eliminate them all together.

- After you know where your money is going, talk with your spouse. Create a budget that you both agree upon and are both willing to stick to (it's important that you both are committed to sticking to the budget).


  1. Budgeting and mindful spending are so important. I have had my own struggles with money but I am working my way out of the hole I was in.


  2. Such a great reminder! It's amazing how just slowing down and focusing on what the Lord has in store for us is all we need to do some days!

  3. Oh Rebekah I can totally relate to this! When we moved from Fort Worth we went from weekly paychecks to one monthly paycheck - it was a tough transition and we totally viewed our time through "money lenses". Thanks for the encouragement!


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