Monday, September 17, 2012

Coveting & ....

Coveting & Gossip...
two things that you wouldn't really think of together...
but they have been on my heart as lessons I'm learning
so I thought I would share my little lessons today & tomorrow.

God and I have a constant battle/conversation over the things I want but do not have.
I suppose that technically this would be called coveting although not in it's conventional form.

Sometimes I just get so caught up in the future and the things we are working for now that we won't have until then (whenever "then" may be).  The one I struggle with the most is a nice, big home.

 Dream home

I have had to take my "Dream Home" Pinterest board away from myself. 
It amazes me, I'm happy with what I have one day,
but then I look at these ridiculous things that I will in all honesty probably never own
and it makes me sour towards the blessings I do have.

God and I were having a conversation about this exact thing the other day when I was driving through an unfamiliar neighborhood in an unfamiliar town.

The houses were quite nice and it seemed like such a cute neighborhood.
I came upon a house to my left that caught my eye.
A family had clearly just moved in to this big, nice, pretty home.

As I drove closer I noticed that the children had drawn banners and taped them to the garage door,
"Happy 18th Anniversary".

18. I don't know that family, and I don't know their story.
but I do know that John and I have only been married a year and a half.
It's silly to assume we're ready for a home that would cost more than what we've ever even earned.

Sometimes God speaks in quite voices...
other times in loud.

My Prayer:

God, I know you have a plan for our lives.  You know my desires and you also know my needs.
I pray you grant me patience to wait and see your plan unfold.
I pray I have a grateful heart for the things you have provided for me.

I have a roof over my head, food to eat and a healthy family to love.
Thank you for these things and for your abounding grace.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I needed the reminder too!


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