Thursday, September 27, 2012

Desire to Inspire: Taking Time out of your Day

I stay pretty busy.
okay.. Very busy.

Sometimes I let my negativity get in the way of the bigger picture, in the way of what is really important. I really can be quite the hypocrite... or at least contradictory (don't believe me? Read this follow this link and look at what I said about my time right off the bat)

A couple of months ago I was asked and agreed to take a soon-to-be vacated spot on our counties Child Protective Services Board.
A couple of months ago, I wasn't quite as busy as I am now.

I had forgotten how much time being the Childrens Choir Director took up once school started

and I had forgotten how much time rehearsals for our church Christmas Production would take
(yes, they've already started!)

I was so resentful that I had said yes to such a wonderful cause.

My heart was an ugly place.

When I drug my grumbling butt down to the meeting I was rewarded and blessed beyond measure.
I saw first hand all the good that this group of people does.
I saw how they provide for these beautiful children who have done nothing wrong but have been given a terrible hand in life. 

No worries, I was set straight.
Some things are just a God thing.

I have the time to give to them.

I just need to stop thinking about me
I need to recognize the opportunities God is giving me and embrace them
rather than frown on them and check my watch or refer to my slightly abundant calendar.

My time is important to me, but I should recognize this blessing and offer my time as an Offering.

I want to encourage you to embrace the Blessings you are given,
make time for the things that matter.

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