Friday, September 14, 2012

Journey to Financial Freedom

John and I have been working toward getting debt free for a while...
...pretty much since we got married!

We've made a lot of progress but feel like we needed more direction and definite plans on how to get from where we are now to being Debt Free! So, we thought about it for a while (it was honest to goodness laziness that we put it off for so long... that and the lovely denial stage) and we have started the Journey to being Debt Free with Dave Ramsey!

I wanted to share a few thoughts with you on what I've learned so far and things that stand out to me!
If you're on the fence - maybe this will be the push you need!

"It is human nature to want it and to want it now; it also a sign of immaturity"
Can I just be honest and tell you that we really struggle in this area!  It is so hard to make yourself understand and commit to the program when you want or "need" something but the money just isn't there and won't be for a few months!
We're working on growing up.

One area where we are a tad bit stronger is something we didn't even know we were doing "right" in the Total Money Makeover plan!  I drive an old clunker of a truck.  It was a nice truck in its hay day...17 years ago! It runs fine (most of the time) and gets me from point A to B just fine.

Dave Ramsey says that your friends and maybe even your family won't understand this concept - the things you do to save money and become financially free.  He wasn't kidding! My friends don't get  WHY we do it - explain as we might, debt is so normal to them that they don't understand why we won't just take out another loan.

I now have an answer that I didn't before!

The Rich rules over the poor and the borrower is slave to the lender.

Proverbs 22:7 


Are you on the journey to Financial Freedom?
Anything you're surprised by?
Any lessons you've learned recently?


  1. We apply Dave Ramsey's principles in our financial life and it has changed our lives. So thankful for his wisdom!

    1. It's so great hearing of others who have had success with his program! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Dave Ramsey is great! We need to get back to applying some of his principles...

    1. I know! It can be so hard to consistently apply the principles. They aren't always fun, but boy are they effective!


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