Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My learning curve has been in full swing as of late. Here are my most recent lessons.

If you don't have time say NO! Because when you don't it usually ends up requiring more time than you thought.  
That is how I most recently ended up on not just one Board but on it's sister Board too!
Oh - did I mention they're a minimum year commitment??
(don't get me wrong if you're reading this & you're on the boards too - they're for an amazingly great cause - I'm excited about them. I'm just incredibly busy!)


The dentist is expensive. Period.
Even with dental insurance, and the fact that we do take care of our teeth.
John is having a series of appointments to fix an array of painful issues that could no longer be ignored.  It's taking up our entire expendable income (and then some) for two months time. 


Septmember is almost over.
How did that happen??


My house is a disaster zone. 
 I seriously don't know when I will be able to clean it.
It is making me crazy!
{can you tell?}
I'm thinking about taking a day off work just to clean up the clutter and junk!

Does anyone else ever feel this way??


On that note... I'm headed back to work.
20 days until the final tax deadline of the year!!

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