Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a very busy weekend but one we've been looking forward to for a while!

Friday night John had some family stuff to take care of after work but we had planned to go out to dinner and have some just us - adult time. He got home at 8:00 and asked if I was still up for going out and I of course said Yes! Who doesn't love a good calorie load of shrimp??

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I didn't get a picture of the yummy shrimp but we enjoyed our delicious drinks and dinner was great! We go to Red Lobster once a year as a treat and it's always during Never Ending Shrimp. For the last three years we have gone and by coincidence we have been given the exact same booth every time! I don't know what the odds of that are, but I'm not complaining, it's made for a fun tradition!

We got up early (for a Saturday... after being out late Friday) and headed out to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch with Lauren, our friend Anna and her son. Cora had a great time & I have a picture overloaded post coming soon!

After the pumpkin patch and a yummy lunch at Mooyahs we hit up Walmart to start on the massive list of stuff I need for Cora's Birthday Party next weekend and for my future Sister-in-love's Wedding Shower. 
(Yes, I'm crazy, I'm throwing a shower the same day as my daughter's Birthday Party)

While we were there we got Coralie a couple of pumpkins because I'm too cheap frugal to buy one of the big pumpkins from a pumpkin patch! As Lauren put it, the Pumpkin Patch is for the experience, the $4 pumpkins are for carving! 

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awful picture... thanks sun!
Something at the Pumpkin Patch upset Cora's allergies so we weren't sure she would be up for the rest of the days activities (and it was going to be a late outting) so she got to hang out with Grandpa again!  John & I went to the UNT v Southern Miss football game! I am going to be attending graduate school at UNT in the Spring and John earned his Masters Degree at the University of Southern Mississippi. It was a fun game! It's so good to see UNT building up their sports programs and we were happily surprised at the number of Southern Miss alumni and fans in attendance!    

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Sunday was a really busy day too, we had a lot of family stuff to attend to. It wasn't exactly fun, but finding the silver lining - Cora got to see her Great Grandparents that are in town right now! They just got back from New York, we haven't seen them in almost 6 months!

How was your weekend?

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