Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Random updates & Finish This Link up!

I love a good link up! I haven't joined these ladies in a while for a Finish This post but I'm excited to be joining in again!  Before I begin, look at my precious baby on her birthday yesterday!

And, in other news... we've made big progress in the house project! Our Shipping Container for storage was delivered yesterday! So now we have a place to put our furniture that doesn't fit in the house (but I refuse to get rid of since we'll build & I'll have a place for again) and we can now tear down the two barns on the property!

This weeks prompts:
It took me a long time to realize... that I can't do everything. Sometimes I have to just let things go. There are going to be times that I will not finish something, or I'll have to just selectively "drop a ball" and that's just got to be okay. In my old age ;) I've also gleaned a bit of wisdom about stress and just letting God handle things. My human self can't handle everything, I am just not strong enough, I love that my God is big enough for me to rely on and that He cares about my mundane, everyday problems.

I surround myself with... friends and family that offer grace and love! Part of recognizing that I can't do everything also means that I just can't have close relationships with people who don't accept me as I am. For example, my house is never going to be perfect and my "people" are okay with that! These are also the people that are warm, kind, generous, loving and positive! I don't have room in my life for unnecessary negativity! 

Join us! LISA (COASTLINED), JEN (The Arizona Russums), BECKY (The Java Mama) and NICOLE (Three 31)


  1. PREACH IT. My house is so IMPERFECT that there's a cute little dust bunny family taking up residence in the corner of the living room. They seem to be multiplying though. Oops. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  2. I love this!
    Jesus really is so good... it's easy to put ourselves down, but He really does love us despite our weaknesses & cares about our problems (even the insignificant ones).

  3. Its so true - you can't do everything and have to let it just go - but oh my gosh, its so hard. lol


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