Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Finish This Link up!

As a kid, my favorite Halloween costume was ... for several years I was some variation of a princess. My Mom and Grandma had sewn me a peach colored princess dress and I loved it! I honestly don't remember many of my other costumes besides that one. I know all four of us were dressed as Dalmatians one year and I vaguely recall being an animal on Noah's ark, but the Princess dress really stands out to me.

As an adult, I celebrate Halloween by... not much. :) Halloween isn't a big deal for me. It's certainly more fun now that we have Cora! Sometimes I'll hang out over at my Dad's house and help pass out candy (we live too far out in the country for trick-or-treaters). Last year Cora was 10 days old so we turned out all the lights to hide from kids and went to bed early ;) This year we might take Cora to the town's Safe Spook where kids can trick-or-treat at local businesses.

My favorite candy is... the Caramel Apple suckers! I love these!!! I recently went on a quest for them to send some in a care package to Joshua and I had to stop at 3 stores before I found them (finally found them at Target FYI). As best as I can tell you can only get these at this time of year. We've gone through a whole bag of them ourselves already - I need to go get more before they're gone!

Join us! LISA (COASTLINED), JEN (The Arizona Russums), BECKY (The Java Mama) and NICOLE (Three 31)


  1. Ohhh, I haven't had one of those caramel apple suckers in FOREVER. My friends and I used to eat those during class in high school. LOL

  2. thank you for reminding me about those caramel apple suckers, those are amazing, i almost forgot about those and I dont know how because they are delish! they are making caramel apple laffy taffy now too and thats pretty good as well.

  3. I always looked funny at those caramel apple suckers, until I had one. lol


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