Sunday, October 12, 2014

Party Favors

I read an article that discussed that party favors at birthday parties create a sense of entitlement for children. While it raised some interesting ideas, I generally poo-pooed the whole idea. You're thanking your guests for coming, it's a little token of your thanks... I don't see the harm.
In fact, when we were kids (until we were maybe 8?) when a birthday rolled around, we all got a present. The non-birthday kiddos got one gift (usually priced $5 or less) and then of course the birthday kiddo got several gifts. It eliminated (or at least decreased) the birthday jealousy (because you can explain that your birthday will come and then so-and-so won't be getting any gifts and you will until you're blue in the face but a 4 year old just won't get it!) and then we'd all play together with our new toys. I know there are parents out there cringing at this, but it worked for us and my brothers & I have grown up to be productive members of society and none of us struggle with entitlement issues. :)
Anyway, I'm struggling with what we should have as favors for Coralie's first birthday party! We will have between 9 & 16 kiddos with a wide range of ages. I don't want to give them junk that will just clutter & end up in the trash but I also don't have a fortune to spend either...

We have a pumpkin theme & it will be the weekend before Halloween... so instead of baggies I got pink & orange simple jack-o-lantern pails. Suggestions on what to put in the pails? Bonus points if it is inexpensive and not candy :)

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