Monday, October 27, 2014

Our Little Pumpkin is One!

On Saturday we celebrated Coralie's first birthday party.

When we realized we would have moved less than a month before her party we knew hosting at home was out of the question. We choose to host at a local park instead. It was nice having the playground to entertain the kiddos!

We got her invitations on Etsy, I think they turned out really cute!

I tried to keep the party as simple as possible. Not only to maintain my sanity, but because I was also hosting a wedding shower for my brothers Fiancee that afternoon.

Cora had a rough week, on Wednesday (the day after her birthday) she had her 1 year well visit that included a round of shots. Then she was feeling puny from allergies on Friday. Friday night she woke up about 10:00 pm and thought it was morning? I finally got her back down at 2:00 am Saturday morning but our alarm went off at 6:00, so she was tired to say the least! We snuck in an unscheduled nap before party time but her mood was still off so I started searching for the cause...
Lo & Behold, she had cut a 4th tooth! She now has 2 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth!

With all the bad mood, we were doing good to get her into her tutu and she refused to wear her matching head band. I also didn't manage to get any pictures of her just sitting in her birthday outfit. 
(maybe Auntie Lauren had better luck?)

We had cupcakes and a smash cake that I didn't let Cora smash. :) 
I just couldn't deal with that kind of waste, so she smashed (and ate) a cupcake instead. 

For lunch we had hotdogs, frito chili pie, nachos and a whole host of finger foods I didn't get any pictures of.

We had a great time and I really enjoyed getting to visit with all of the family and friends that were able to come! 

As we were planning we were deliberating how we're going to manage birthday parties in the future. I think we've finally figured out a plan & I want to kind of debrief on what I thought of this party. 

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