Tuesday, October 7, 2014

State Fair of Texas!

This last Thursday John took off work and we went to the State Fair!

It was Senior Day and just like (almost) every year, my Great Aunt M & Uncle B were at the fair. I remember going to the fair with Aunt M & Uncle B and my grandparents when I was a child, so I loved getting to share this with Coralie!

Aunt M sharing yummy chicken with Coralie!
We were actually able to have my Dad and his cousins Bill & Ruth join us too!

Potato Twister!

It wouldn't be the State Fair without eating some awful for you fried food great Fair Food!

Yum Yum Turkey Leg!

Cora loves Cotton Candy just like her Momma!
                                      (We also consumed a candied apple that I forgot to snap a picture of)

And just for Lauren, we stopped by & saw the Butter Sculptures!

We tried to show Cora some of the animals, but she was much more interested in the ball they had in their pin (so we skipped the petting zoo... we'll try again next year)

And it wouldn't be a visit to the State Fair of Texas without seeing Big Tex!

 Little Miss Coralie was wiped out after about 6 hours of fair going, so we went home earlier than we would have normally. We didn't catch any shows or listen to many music groups but such is the life with a baby.  
And it turns out to be a very good thing we left when we did because less than an hour after we headed out a really intense storm rolled in! There was a tent blown over at the fair, but in other areas of Dallas there were huge trees uprooted and in Fort Worth a whole wall of a building at the Stock Yards was blown down! (more about after leaving the fair later...)

Mommy's sleepy girl!
On an entirely unrelated note we borrowed a friends Ergo carrier for the fair and loved it! I'm not quite ready to drop the $100+ on one but we are going to start watching for one on swap groups etc. I still love my wraps and will keep them but I'm going to sell my cheaper carriers, the Ergo is worth the money.


  1. What is wrong with you? You could scar that child for life after taking her to the butter sculptures. Also, I am going to have to have a talk with John about how happy he looks in front of them.

    Looks like y'all had a great time! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. Looks like a great time! We love the State Fair!! And those tater twisters were awesome!


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