Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap - Lubbock!

This past weekend we took Cora for her first trip to Raider Land! 

Miss Cora and me at the Tech v. West Virginia Baseball game!

Anytime we visit Lubbock we of course stay with my Great Aunt M and Uncle B that I lived with through college. They loved having Miss Coralie with them and showing her off during church on Sunday. 

Photo: Weekend visitor, Miss Coralie and family plus her grandad .  What joy! Our cup runneth over. This last two month we have had nephews and nieces visiting.    Super fun!!!

It was also an exciting weekend for other reasons. We got 3 (three!!!!) letters from Joshua at MCRD and my brother Jacob and his girlfriend Stephanie got engaged!! 

I can't wait to welcome this sweet lady into our family & I'm pretty excited about wedding festivities!!

How was your weekend? We loved our trip & I will share more tomorrow for Texas Tuesday, you should join us!

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  1. What a perfect weekend! Can't wait to hear about your trip even more!!!


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