Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finish This! (19)


1. A lesson I learned from my mom … to have a servant heart. My parents taught us to serve others in any way we can. It started simple enough, we would show up early for events at church and set up chairs, or stay late and break things down. Later it evolved into middle of the night projects at the church because the staff knew they could call on our family. Some of my best memories of "family time" are at the church (usually late at night) serving the congregation in some way, big or small. Through all of the various ways we served I learned more specific things from my Mom, how to teach childrens choir (something I still do today), how to cook for large huge groups (She would prepare Wednesday night dinners for the church and we would help). There are many more lessons, but those are the ones that come to mind.

2. To burn calories, I … breast feed. Does that count?? I really need to get back in the gym, I've sucked it up and bought a membership but we haven't quite worked out when I can actually go to the gym as there isn't childcare there and it's rare that John can watch Cora and I can get out and go.
I take Cora on walks for exercise (to get me out of the house and keep me sane!) on days when I'm home with her. She naps well in the stroller and decent length naps have become a struggle so starting tomorrow I plan to take nice long walks at about nap time. We will see if that plan works or if I end up pushing a screaming 6 month old through the neighborhood.

3. My best hair day was … My best hair days in general are when I've just had my hair cut and styled... which happens like twice a year. Generally my hair is towel dried and brushed out. However it dries is how I wear it. Depending on the day (aka humidity levels) it is wavy and somewhat curly, other days it is straight as a board and I fight frizz.

4. I am grateful for …  my family! I really don't know where I would be without them! I'm grateful for a God who loves me enough to let his Son die for my sins. Now that I'm a mom I think I'm beginning to grasp what a sacrifice that was and it makes me even more appreciative of my Salvation.

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  1. Days when someone else is in charge of the hair is ALWAYS a good day! :)

    Good luck with the long walks at naptime!

  2. I was on the exclusively nursing "diet" for a while. I ate everything in site. Breastfed the twins a bazillion times a day and did lose some weight (although not enough). At least for me, the exclusively breastfeeding birth control turned out to be a big fail so now I'm back on the pregnant and eating everything train. The trend: eating everything. Probably why I'm not a skinny minny!

  3. Yes, breastfeeding DEFINITELY counts as a calorie burner!!!! You should look for a gym that has child care, I'm grateful for Texas Health Resources and their fitness center located close to my house. The lady who is in the kid's center, Pam, is a grandmother of 11 and is WONDERFUL with Kamden. I'm super grateful.

  4. I wish I could get a hair trim at the salon every day, it's the only time it looks good.

  5. signing up for the gym and actually going/and being able to go are two different things. I think I have signed up to go a couple different gyms and then I end up not going. Life gets in the way. Its just easier to just take a walk in the neighborhood.. And I dont even have the responsibilities you have. so more power to you for at least trying! =)

  6. Stopping by from the link up, just wanted to say hello!

    I've never gave birth yet, but, all my friends say breast feeding definitely burns calories! Good luck with those nap time walks! :)


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