Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This past weekend we traveled to Lubbock! 
Most of our trips to Lubbock center around family and the University (Wreck 'em Tech!) 

We went to the baseball game on Saturday, it was the first time I had been to Dan Law Field since we were students and I was so excited to see the improvements and renovations! 

The bleachers all have backs now (gasp!)! Little things like this make all the difference to me in enjoying the game! The new awnings over the upper seats made it possible for us to have Cora out there in the sun for the whole game. 

Something I love about Lubbock is it still gets Texas hot, but their 100 degrees is so much more bearable because it's so dry and those Lubbock Winds keep you cool! I'd take a 100 degree day in Lubbock over a 90 degree day in Dallas any day!

For dinner Saturday night we went somewhere I had never been before, but if you're in Lubbock you should check it out, Bryan's Steaks! 

The prices are great! You aren't getting the best cut of meat, the steaks are sirloin, but the meat is tender and full of delicious flavor! {just an FYI, they don't take debit/credit cards so be prepared with cash/check!}

You can't miss the restaurant as you drive up and see this ginormous bull in the front. 
(Cora was less than impressed, John thought she was going to pet it??)

After you order your steak in a buffet line of sorts, you're given a plate and access to the salad bar! Then your steak & baked potato comes out, all the other sides are on the salad bar.

Lubbock in general is really family friendly, Bryan's Steaks certainly fits in that category. You can feed a family of five steaks for under $60 (? or really close to this, my Aunt picked up the bill so I'm getting this number from my sketchy math skills & my distracted memories of steak prices as I was focused on Cora). 

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  1. It's been years since we have been to Lubbock!! Glad you guys had a good time.

  2. What a great weekend! I just love seeing all the pictures of Cora!


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