Monday, April 28, 2014

Prayers for Joshua

This morning my "baby" brother reported to Dallas MEPS for processing to MCRD (Marine Corps Recruitment Depot, San Diego), or 'boot camp'.

Our family is so very proud of Joshua and the commitment he is making and his desire to serve our country. Though proud, we're such a close family, in some ways he's more than a brother and more of a son; this is going to be a very tough time for all of us.

If you would please join us in praying for his safety and the safety of all the other Recruits in India Company as they start their journey to becoming Marines. The Marine Corps Boot Camp is 12 weeks full of tough emotional and physical training. We have faith that he will come through this strong, but prayers are coveted and greatly appreciated!

Joshua and I at his last family dinner on Friday

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  1. Praying for your brother and your family! You'll be surprised at how quickly his time away will go.


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