Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Finish This (week 17)!

The cute creature I grew & nurture!

My last growing pain was… The adjustment to being a mother. The transition from a family of 2 to 3 wasn't nearly as difficult as I imagined it would be, but it was certainly my last growing pain in the transitional sense. A little known fact about me is that since I was in 6th grade, I would have horrible back and hip pain as I grew. My growth plates didn't appreciate my growth quite so much and I could feel the plates separating. I was a Junior in high school last time I had literal growing pains.

I grow and nurture…babies!! Well, one baby... but I'd love to have a house full (Lord willing)!

The guilt-free snack I enjoy most…Snacking is my diets demise! I lose the most weight (or do a good job maintaing a weight) when I'm too busy to snack. I don't like potato chips, which has been a great blessing so I snack relatively healthy when I do. I love Veggie Straws, Pita Chips & Hummus, carrots and a little ranch dressing, celery sticks and peanut butter... Really the list could go on and on. I love food, too much! 

The best reason to stay up all night… family time! I'm from a family of night owls. Some of my favorite memories with my Dad and brothers are from the middle of the night! 

If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d… need a lot of "beach read" books! 
The way I see it, Desert Island = Permanent Vacation!
I have found little in life that is as relaxing as sitting on my bum on the beach listening to the waves roll in as I read mindless garbage!

Linking up with Nicole (Three 31) Lisa (The Costal Chicster), Jen (The Arizona Russums) and Becky (The Java Mama) for this weekly series, Finish This!


  1. I think I like sleep too much sleep to be a night owl... Oh how I love my sleep.

  2. I wish I wasn't such an eater either. I mean, I'm really - REALLY - good at it and have the extra weight to prove it!!!!!!! I love the idea of a permanent vacation on the island, but only if I wasn't Kamden's mommy. I'd miss this chunky monkey of mine too much!!!!!!

  3. I am with ya - i too love snacking a little TOO Much - totally on board with your pita and hummus favorite - yum!

  4. Completely agree! I've been trying to keep myself super busy during the day with the girls and cleaning and such so I don't snack, I definitely noticed that once I cut back on all the crap snacks (chips and such) and turned to healthier or no snacks (fruit, veggies, water) I've had a better time losing and maintaining weight. Though I do love a good snack bag of chips and chocolate a few times here & there.


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