Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Baby Lewis #2 {35 weeks}


How far along?:
35 weeks 4 days

My baby is the size of a:
Large Cantaloupe

Getting up to go to the bathroom several times a night. The other night I got up at 11:00 when John came to bed and noticed that there were people with flashlights in my front yard?!? I'm sure anyone else would have been alarmed, but I knew that it was likely my brothers and sis-in-love working on finishing up the plumbing repair they'd been working on the day before (I was seriously doubting the plumbing fairies had shown up, though that would have been nice!). The next day my brother Robert was asking how I'd known what time they left the night before, I said well I saw y'all at 11 when I came to talk to you. I was up again at midnight for the bathroom, again at 1:00 am and saw the lights both times but then at 2:00 it was dark. So, see - running to the bathroom all the time lets you know when your night-owl siblings finish a plumbing project!

Still swelling some, but not bad. My joints won't pop :( Seems silly but by the end of pregnancy I seriously miss my fingers and toes popping.

Muscle cramps which I'm solving the same way as last time - with calcium supplements. I've been able to take them better this time around but apparently I wasn't taking enough.

Heart burn has raised it's ugly head. I had trouble with this last time too! I can get heart burn from a glass of cool refreshing water. It is ridiculous! I have not yet thrown up from this, so there's something to be grateful for! In fact, though I have been sick in my 3rd trimester, I can't actually recall the last time I threw up - so yay!!

I do have some pelvic pain and pressure but Looking back at my bumpdate from Cora's pregnancy at 34 weeks I specifically remember how horribly miserable I was on our babymoon stay-cation  & I'm no where near that miserable! I think part of that is she hasn't dropped yet (and I've read that sometimes subsequent babies don't drop until labor?!?). I think the weekly chiro care is helping that too. Last pregnancy, work kept me from going weekly so I was usually going bi-weekly and I think that's part of my pain/issue.

Well the frequent trips to the bathroom don't help... but beyond that it's okay I guess. It really helps this time around that I can nap during the day with Cora and here of late she is occasionally taking a morning nap again, so yay for that! I have trouble rolling over in bed and you're not supposed to lay on your back (I do until it's uncomfortable) or on your right side (again, I do until my body says stop) but my hips and pelvis are having issues with much time on either of my sides. I'm missing laying on my belly which is totally out of the question even in the little modified, piled up on a pillow format I used well through my 2nd trimester.

Snow cones! Fruit and smoothies. I don't have much of an appetite right now and am doing good to eat one solid, big meal a day. Food is just pretty unappetizing and doesn't interest me. Fruit and fruit juices I could eat/drink pretty much all the time though! I'm not sure if this is entirely pregnancy related (since baby hasn't dropped she's pressing on my stomach and it takes next to nothing to make me "full") or if it is just that it is summer and it's hot. I'm generally not really hungry in the heat.
Weight Gain:
Eh. I'm assuming it's the same as it was last week. I hope!
I'll know for sure Tuesday at my next Midwife appointment.
She's been a little more still than before but is still passing her kick counts just fine! She's just getting big for the space she's in.

In addition to chasing Cora around... We go on nightly walks of about a mile.

I'm looking forward to:
Tomorrow we're going out as a family for "All About Cora Day" to spend some quality time as a family of 3 before our poor girl's world is turned upside down ;) We're planning to take her to the aquarium and out for ice cream. I'm not sure what else we might do while we're out.

Emotions - 
I'm feeling very nostalgic for the days of Cora being little-bitty and I'm just beginning to be overwhelmed with what life will be like with two babies.

Best moment this week:
I realized today that Saturday I'll be 36 weeks along and at 37 weeks I'll be considered full term and if I go into labor they won't do anything to stop it (and I'll be eligible to deliver at the birth center!). I kind of freaked out about some of the stuff I haven't gotten finished. I know there will be plenty of projects that I wanted finished to still do after Ada comes but I turned my focus to the "essentials" and bought the last of the stuff I need for the birth center and am finishing up my bags for both the birth center and back-up bag for if we end up at the hospital.

While I was at the store I ran into a lady that kept Cora in the nursery at church while I was in Bible Study. Turns out she is going to be my Birth Assistant (basically the nurse) at the Birth Center! I'm so excited that I'll have a familiar face in that role (I think it's awesome that I'll literally have no strangers at the birth!) and I know she is a Christian and that is important to me in those who are helping me with labor/birth! 
Goals for the upcoming week:
From last week's list, I've marked through the few things that actually got done. I can't complain much because they were big projects and that was far more than could get done in a week but I also know we're running out of time for this stuff. I've also added new projects to the bottom of the list.

OLD LIST: Tidy House ~ Finish putting new elastic in cloth diapers ~ talk to birth center re. estimated payment ~ Get Cora's pool aired up & a temp fence installed around it (worked on it, but filling this sucker with a hand pump is proving to be a chore!)~ Pre-registration forms for hospital (just in case of transfer emergency or not) ~ Make Essential oil bug spray ~ Finish packing birth center and  back up hospital bags ~ Wash van & vacuum ~ Re-install Ada's carseat ~ Swap out some of Cora's toys ~ Move everything from one shipping container to the other ~ Clean Master Bathroom out & organize ~ Repair Shower drip ~ Finish up Thank you cards & mail ~ Update Ada's baby book with gifts ~ Plan out Freezer meals for postpartum ~ pack new diaper bag for 2 kids (almost finished).
NEW ITEMS: Finish Cora's baby book & put all her keepsakes in a box to store away ~ Make a couple of freezer meals so I have my postpartum meal for birth center ready ~ Finish Ada's name art ~ Order final couple of Essential Oils I need for birth/postpartum ~ Finish Birth Affirmations/Bible Verses ~ Make a Birth Playlist ~ Finalize birth plan with Doula ~ Meet with birth photographer ~ Start removing bad trim on front of house ~ Mow yard (really more of "John, mow the yard") ~ Clear out Ada's Crib (it's full of her stuff/baby gear, I just need to find real homes for the stuff).

Past Pregnancy:
34 weeks with Cora
36 weeks with Cora

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