Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday - June

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What we're eating this week... it's summer so I try not to cook much in the oven so dinners are really simple. I made a huge batch of chicken and dumplings on Sunday (per John's request for Fathers Day) and I have frozen a large casserole dish worth for my postpartum meal at the birth center (all this pregnancy I've just known I want that to be my first postpartum meal, hope it still sounds good after baby comes!). After we ate on it for dinner Sunday and froze a bunch there was still a lot left so that has been many of our lunches and dinners this week.

What I'm reminiscing about... I'm thinking a lot about my pregnancy and birth with Cora. I've referenced so many of my posts about the end of her pregnancy here of late trying to remember if certain things are normal or not.

What I'm loving... these final days of Cora being an only child.

What I'm dreading... well I wouldn't say I'm dreading it, but I'm getting pretty nervous about labor and birth. I've been focusing a lot recently on my birth affirmations. I've posted them in our bathroom  on the mirror and on the cabinet that sits right next to my bed so I can read them as I lay in bed.

What I'm working on... we've gotten so much work done on the house, both inside and out. There are still plenty of projects to do but honestly for every single one you can walk in our house and say "oh such & such needs to be done" there are at least 10 other projects that also need our attention and some of them may be less obvious but more pressing. I'm a little nervous about the fact that we'll have a bunch of guests soon with Ada's birth. Everyone that will be at our house knows it's a work in progress but of course I want to present it the best I can. So, that's pretty much dominating our "working on" list.

What I'm excited about... meeting our new baby girl! Not being pregnant anymore!

What I'm watching/reading... I'm currently reading Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth and John and I just started watching Game of Thrones (after Cora goes to bed for the night of course!).

What I'm listening to... well nothing quite yet, but one of my to-do tasks for this week is to create my birth playlist so I'm about to be listening to all the music I think will be uplifting and encouraging during labor/birth. I envision my play list having lots of praise and worship songs if you have any recommendations please let me know!

What I'm wearing... I'm wearing maternity clothes that aren't really fitting anymore. I find it so frustrating that so many of my maternity shirts aren't long enough to cover my ever-growing belly but I'm sure not going to be spending anymore money on a maternity wardrobe just to get through the next 1-6 weeks.

What I'm doing this weekend... Lots and lots of housework!
Friday I'm going to a class with our local babywearing group to make a mesh ring sling that can be worn in the pool. I figure it's about the only way Ada will be in the water this summer is if she is worn since she'll be so tiny.
Saturday morning we're going to a hospital a couple of towns over to tour the maternity ward. We are still planning to deliver at the birth center but if I go past the 42 week limit, need to be induced, need a non-emergent transfer (maternal exhaustion etc...) we will transfer to a new hospital as the practice my Midwife is in is changing hospitals. The rest of the day will be spent working on stuff at home.
Sunday we will go to church, a friend's baby shower and then we'll be at home working on the house more. :)

What I'm looking forward to next month... Ada's birth! That pretty much sums up our month of July. We have kept the calendar as clear as we can. I figure we can always make short term commitments if I'm feeling up to them but we've made no long-term commitments or plans.

What else is new... really very little. I'm feeling very pregnant & that about sums up our life right now!

Bonus question: What are we doing this July 4th?... right now we don't have any plans. I'm thinking about going to the parade in town that morning if it isn't horribly hot. It was pretty hot & miserable last year and I wasn't 38 weeks pregnant like I'll be this year (38 week bumpdate from last pregnancy). Beyond that we have no plans (see the question about July plans) and if we do much of anything it will be close to home or involve chlorinated water I can swim in. I'd like to take Cora to see fireworks. Just taking any and every opportunity to soak up the last of our time together as a family of 3 but staying practical that I'll be very pregnant and July 4th is usually very hot.

(July 4 last year - Cora's 1st 4th of July!)

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  1. Thanks for your comment, you are sweet about me looking nice after giving birth... I was induced, so I was able to shower and do my hair and make up before I went to the hospital and I also had an epidural, so I had some help in the not being a sweaty mess department. :) And yes, the humidity in Houston is literally unbearable some days. I grew up in DFW and much prefer the lower humidity, I love it every time we go back! :)


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