Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Baby Lewis #2 {33 & 34 Weeks}

My baby is the size of a:
Pineapple - 19 to 22 inches and about 4.9 lbs. 

I'm big! I've hit the point I feel like I can't really get much bigger but I know I will. I'm waiting until
about 37 weeks to do my belly cast and record my belly measurements for her baby book.
I've started having some pelvic issues unrelated to pelvic positioning that I had been seeing the Chiro for. I've just gotten big enough and my ligaments are loose enough that things like rolling over, sitting for long periods of time etc are painful. I began seeing the Chiro weekly again and will see her at least weekly until delivery to encourage optimal positioning for delivery.
I'm also beginning to swell. I was cleaning house today and from being up on my feet most of the day both my hands and feet are swollen. It's not awful yet, but very uncomfortable.
I was about 28 or 29 weeks and I was all excited that I was so excited (and smug) that I wasn't having to run to the bathroom constantly at night. Yeah, well I spoke too soon because I'm making up to 4 trips a night. :(
I have braxton hicks contractions, not terribly painful or regular at all, but of course not fun either.

Weight Gain:
According to my Midwife I have gained exactly 10 pounds this pregnancy.
My records show that I'm actually only up 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (I had been being sick for a while before seeing her for a "starting" weight). That gives me 5 more pounds I'm "allowed" to gain this pregnancy and about 5 1/2 weeks to get through. We'll see how that goes...
Weight gain is something that all pregnant women struggle with. It's hard to see those numbers rise and be okay with it. I was kind of frustrated about the *1* pound I gained in the last 2 weeks because honestly I was more active in the last 2 weeks than I've been in a while (simply because we had sunshine and no rain to get stuff done!). I just assumed I had lost weight. Since I started this pregnancy smaller than I did my last I'm getting more "normal" pregnancy weight gain and I won't lie, it kind of stinks! 

It's a girl and if you haven't heard, her name is Ada Mayme :)

Maternity Clothes:
Oh yes, everything is maternity clothes these days. I'm most comfortable in dresses and skirts, my favorite are loose so they're nice and cool for these hot days. I have abandoned all sense of fashion (not that I had a ton before) and am fully embracing wearing tennis shoes with my dresses now! Toms would probably be just as comfy but mine died getting wet repeatedly in all the rain we've had this year! I did squeeze myself into a non-maternity skirt the other day, it had a zipper and everything! I was very impressed with myself!
I have to be careful that my shirts meet my shorts, I don't know why they don't make maternity shirts longer but it was about this time in the pregnancy last time too that I noticed having trouble making sure my belly isn't showing.

I am having to do daily kick counts just to make sure she's moving enough. She really does move plenty, I'm just so easily distracted with Cora and everything I don't notice the kicks unless they're really strong/painful. We've been working outside a lot and I feel her stretching when I'm bending over too much more than anything.

I'm still sleeping decently. Several trips a night to the bathroom most nights but over all nothing to complain about. My fingers are crossed that it is this "easy" and smooth through to the end of pregnancy but I'm not holding my breath.

Tex-Mex is about the only real food that sounds good pretty much ever. That or pizza. Snow cones and cold drinks are about the only other thing I want. I'm forcing myself to make sure to eat 3 meals a day because otherwise I would be happy surviving on liquids alone.

 I miss:
Sleeping on my stomach. Not being restricted in what I can do. We're working hard on the house & property and it gets frustrating that I just physically can't do what I would normally. I think I constantly worry John & when we're out working it seems like every few words are "stop that, you'll hurt yourself". I'm trying to recognize my limits and not over-do it. I rest and drink lots of water as I need to. Really I'm just so grateful that I'm physically able to do things right now that I want to get as much done while I still can - Make Hay while the sun is shining! I know that as soon as she drops (that could be any day) and I have all that pressure I struggled with at the end of last pregnancy plus normal end of pregnancy exhaustion etc about all I'll manage is moving from the couch to a chair etc.

Best moment this week:
It was actually a few weeks ago but she is head down! It has been the best moment of the 3rd trimester! I went to my appointment at 30 weeks and she was still stubbornly head up. Kathy wasn't really worried about it yet but I wanted to know what my options were so we started talking about whether or not they would do a breech delivery etc. I really upset myself with the whole thing. She flipped literally 2 days later and though she occasionally likes to lay transverse, she's been pretty good about staying head down. 

Goals for the upcoming week:
Directly off my "This Week" to do list sitting next to me:
Tidy House ~ Finish putting new elastic in cloth diapers ~ talk to birth center re. estimated payment ~ Get Cora's pool aired up & a temp fence installed around it ~ Pre-registration forms for hospital (just in case of transfer emergency or not) ~ Make Essential oil bug spray ~ Finish packing birth center and  back up hospital bags ~ Wash van & vacuum ~ Re-install Ada's carseat ~ Swap out some of Cora's toys ~ Move everything from one shipping container to the other ~ Clean Master Bathroom out & organize ~ Repair Shower drip ~ Finish up Thank you cards & mail ~ Update Ada's baby book with gifts ~ Plan out Freezer meals for postpartum ~ pack new diaper bag for 2 kids.

Sadly - the only things from my "Nesting List" that made it to the list of to do for this week were finishing up the diapers, thank you cards, and diaper bag. My Nesting List is needing some attention.

Belly Pictures:
28 weeks (visiting family in Lubbock)

32 weeks - my non-maternity skirt!

Past Pregnancy:
A 34 week update from pregnancy with Cora.

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