Monday, September 16, 2013

Bumpdate {34 Weeks}

Date: 9/9/13

Due Date: 10/22/13

How far along?:  33 weeks, 6 days - so basically 34 weeks. About 5 weeks to go!!

Weight Gain: I've lost 3 pounds since our last doctors visit, so no weight gain for the pregnancy.

My baby is the size of a: Very large, bladder crushing, pelvic bone bruising Pineapple.

Maternity Clothes: I can't seem to find shirts that are long enough to cover my belly & the stretchy part of my pants anymore. :(

Wedding Ring on or off: On - but there are days I take it off depending on how badly my hands are swelling.

Symptoms: The last week or so I've started experiencing really painful Pelvic pain. She is head down and sitting quite low (the one + from our L&D visit was getting an unexpected sonogram!) which explains a lot of the pain - it just doesn't alleviate it. Other than not being able to sleep between the pelvic pain & round ligament pain - I'm doing pretty good!

Cravings:  Snow Cones & Key Lime Pie.

Sleep:Stress (from work) + Very large whale like belly + Pelvic pain (and the cold ice pack I try to use on it at night) = No sleep for me!

I am looking forward to: Our Baby showers this weekend & next! Getting the last of the stuff for her nursery & getting that all set up and finalized!

Best moment this week: John and I had a stay-cation in Fort Worth this weekend. It was great and exactly what we needed with all the stress & changes that are coming!

Worst moment this week: The worlds most expensive hospital visit to L&D that included an hour and a half wait in the ER waiting room because L&D was full ((though we did call ahead!) and there were 3 other laboring moms waiting with me). Turns out my water didn't break -  I apparently peed my pants (oh joy!) and was experiencing Braxton Hicks.

Emotions: Not really pregnancy related, but work and my ever-growing to do list plus recent car problems really has me quite stressed. 

Milestones: Nothing in particular, but we're in the home stretch!!
Oh! We just scheduled our last bi-monthly OB visit, next we go weekly!!

Movement: Tons! Though poor baby girl is quickly running out of room!

Exercise: Not any scheduled or routine exercise. We've been walking a lot on the weekends! I think that greatly contributed to the weight loss since the last visit two weeks ago.

Goals for the upcoming week:We've officially hit the point that I knew was coming - busy season at work! It will 100% be a miracle if some of these things get done at this point because I sure don't have the time/energy.
Install a Doorbell, Hospital Paperwork (& call and fight about their inability to properly file my insurance resulting in their delusional idea of how much we are "estimated" to owe and want paid before Baby Girl comes), Mail those darn thank-yous I keep forgetting about!, Finish packing Hospital Bags, Hang Pegboard in the nursery & figure out the art for it, install the carseats & attempt some of the junk on my Nesting List ...
.... Whew! (Cue Panic!)

Nursery: It's really coming together! I'm very happy with it and hope that after our showers I will have time to take pictures of the finished room & post them!

Bump watch: I don't have a belly picture for this week, I kept meaning to take one but realize that if I wait until I have time to take a picture at a mirror or con John into it I'll never make this post... SO, I'm big and pregnant, much like last week and much like I will be next week. ;)


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