Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The beginning of the end

As we draw to the end of our pregnancy we're very aware of the fact that this is the end of life being just the two of us.  I think I'm more worried about this than John is, but I also saw what life was like in a house full of kiddos - granted that was from a child's perspective but I'm still nervous about what this will mean for us as a couple when little-one comes along. 

So, in the last few weeks of life as Two, I'm trying to do as much as I physically can and make the most of each day!

This past weekend was a crazy one!!

Friday we left work early and headed to Dallas for the SMU vs. Tech game! We had a great time cheering our team on, even in the miserable heat!

(On another note about Friday, President George W. Bush did the coin toss... I think I may be the only person in the whole stadium that didn't get a picture because my *brand new* dumb phone decided to freeze up right then!)

Saturday was a busy day! We had Maternity pictures that morning! Then the afternoon was spent with a friend in town from the football game. We met up back in Dallas and toured the new George W. Bush Library & Museum. I loved the Library! It was so interactive and really family friendly! I was surprised to see so many pregnant ladies, new mommas and families with little ones there!

I'm not thinking she will adjust well to not being the only baby...

Sunday we kind of took the day to relax. We were entertaining house guests so we didn't make it to church. It was a day of errands, necessary to-dos (like the grocery store) and loving on our fur-babies!

Monday (Happy Labor Day!) was spent with family! Probably the last holiday family gathering until Baby Girl arrives!
It was requested that I make my Moms Banana Pudding - It isn't difficult, but it is laborious. It was so yummy. Just the way I remember her making it! I love making things from recipes in her handwriting!

I'm so excited for this upcoming weekend! It is the only weekend in the month of September that we didn't have something scheduled; so, we're going to do a BabyMoon/Stay-cation. 
We decided that going on a big trip wasn't a wise decision budget wise, especially since we moved and bought a vehicle this summer; but now that we're nearing the end of the "Two of Us" days we really feel the need for a little get-away. (The only one we will have had since our Anniversary/Birthday extravaganza back in January) We're going to Fort Worth (just an hour down the road) and we plan to tour the Botanical Gardens and the Water Gardens (neither of us have seen either) and then that evening go on one of our favorite outtings as a couple - the Drive in Theater (one of the things we miss most about Lubbock!)!! 
Any other fun activity recommendations for Fort Worth??

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  1. I definitely remember these days well!! Sounds like y’all had a good weekend. And how cool that Bush was there. He will always be one of my favorites. How did your maternity shoot go? Can’t wait to see those! I hope y ‘all have a lot of fun in Ft Worth!!


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