Monday, September 30, 2013

Count Down to Baby {36 Weeks}

It seems so crazy that we're at the tail end of the pregnancy (36 weeks, 4 weeks to go until due date!), in one week it is considered full term & perfectly acceptable for us to have Baby Girl! I'm just really struggling to wrap my mind around the fact that we're between one and five weeks from meeting her! (And then I struggle to accept that there is roughly a 5 week window there, making it difficult to plan life and the changes we're about to have!)

We had our last shower this past weekend so now we're just putting everything away and deciding what we "have to have" that's left on the registries verses "nice to have". It's all a little daunting, particularly since we've come full circle to face my fear of the "bottle wall" again. (I mean how can there be so many different options that all claim to be the best??)

I'm also beginning to slightly panic about the fact that I don't know everything (duh). I've just always considered myself to be well informed and I do my research, so things I don't already know I make it a point to learn. Then my world came crashing down the other day when John and I were hanging and folding clothes for Baby Girl and he asked how he should know if it was pajamas to fold for the drawer or clothes to hang in the closet?  I calmly replied "if it has footies on it, it's pajamas" - how foolish of me! 

There are these lovely adorable garments that have footies that are clearly not pajamas but not obviously an outfit. Now I'm terribly paranoid that I will dress my child in pajamas to go out of the house without realizing it and everyone else in the world will know what I've done because they have somehow deciphered the pajama verses outfit code and stand there and judge my poor parenting. Oh, and how the heck am I supposed to pair back up these adorable 3 piece sets with the pants, jackets & onsies after they have to be washed in 3 seperate loads due to their colors and mixed in with the 50 bazillion other outfits we've been gifted? I'm grateful I tell you, but it's stressing me out!! 

Now that I'm doubting my ability to dress my child, I'm sure I'll fail as a parent in every other aspect and will have some catastrophic "oh you didn't know that?" incident that will involve CPS by 6 weeks old. Anyone else have this fear? Nope? Just me? Yup - I know I'm loosin' it!

Weight Gain: 1 pound for the pregnancy!

Maternity Clothes: A very sore subject! I'm so disappointed in my maternity shirts! None, not one of them is long enough on me now! So I either wear a dress (but all of my dresses are summer dresses and it's beginning to actually get cool around here) or I wear my too-short shirts with my pants and just deal with the tacky stretch belly band showing. :(  No way can I justify spending more money on clothes now that we're in the final stretch... Grrr.....

Stretch Marks: Have bred like a bunch of gerbils and now mar my previously porcelain skin all across my belly.

Belly Button In or Out: Out & quite the entertainment for my shower guests when Baby Girl moves and makes it stick out further or suddenly jut back in. It's hard to hide it behind clothes when you're as round as I am these days.

Wedding Ring on or off: On, but I think I may finally have to take it off - I'm swelling slightly all the time now and I'm worried I'll have a bad water retention day and not be able to get it off.

Symptoms:I'm throwing up again, not sure why that joyful symptom reappeared.

Cravings:  Food is pretty revolting to me to be honest.

Aversions: None!

Sleep:It could be better, but it has certainly been worse!

I am loving:That her nursery is almost finished & our house is showing obvious signs that we're about to have a little baby in it!

I miss: Sushi, cold cut sandwiches, pina coladas, & Monster energy drinks.

Best moment this week: The last 2 weeks we have been so blessed by our friends & family with our baby showers! "Thank you" just doesn't seem adequate to the wonderful ladies that have hosted them for us & Baby Girl!

Milestones: We have made it to the weekly OB appointment mark! She could come at any time, but no later than 11/5 (since they won't let me go past 42 weeks)!

Exercise: We live about 6 blocks from my Dad's house, so I've started leaving my car there & walking from our house to his in the mornings. It's always my intention to walk home when I park the car there in the evenings but it's either been too hot (which shouldn't be an issue anymore!), or I'm just far too exhausted to even contemplate the walk so I con a brother into driving me the 6 blocks home.

Goals for the upcoming week:Finish out my to-do lists! I've already re-classified some items as unnecessary for before her birth though it would have been nice to get them done.

Nursery: It's almost finished!! I need to hang curtains & find a home for some of the clothes living in our crib right now. We do have a section of wall that could use some wall art, but I'm planning on hanging some pictures of Baby girl once she comes & some of our Maternity pictures, but we don't have those back yet. It may just have to remain blank until after she comes.

Bump watch:
It doesn't depict the actual size of my baby bump very well, but I thought it was fun - we took this on our nightly walks in a local park. (What it does show, is how large I feel!!)

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