Thursday, July 18, 2013

Before the baby/Nesting List

I am in hopes that publishing this list will get my rear in gear and hold me accountable to actually get these things done. I'm sure the list will grow as I think of more things and shrink as I (*hopefully*) get stuff accomplished. 

- Get pre-registered at the hospital (Completed 7/25)
- Interview & hire a doula (completed!)
- Write a birth-plan (with the doula) (Completed 9/18, post coming soon!)
- Birthing classes
- Pick a Pediatrician
- Visit the Dentist
- Wash all of babys clothes from Newborn through 3 months
- Set up nursery essentials (bedding, put clothes & diapers in dresser etc.)
- Hang wall art for nursery
- finish changing name legally
- Update our Wills, my Living Will and End of life directives
- Enter all time for DCCPS & ACPF to date
- Have my office ready for someone else to use at a moments notice (daily starting at 35 weeks)
- Clean upholstery in car & have towels adjusted to make seat covers
- Make seat covers for new van.
- Pepper to the vet
- New tires on Car. (Half way there - 2 more to go)
- Baby-Proof House
- Pack a hospital bag for mommy, daddy & baby
- Get Guest Room set up & ready for guests
- Install Doorbell
- Install car seats (week 37/38)

**Edit for additions to list**
- Have at least 2 weeks worth of freezer meals ready to go before baby comes (this means I've got to get our chest freezer out of storage!)

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