Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Moving Weekend!

It is finally  here!! 
I never thought we would make it - and it isn't happening quite like we thought it would...
but we finally moved!!

Rather than purchasing a house like we planned, we took a hard look at our finances and decided that the best route would be for us to rent (as cheaply as possible) until we were ready to buy after the little one comes this fall. It will probably be about two years more before we make it back to the buying discussion.

For months we have been living in a house full of boxes. Since we knew we would be moving - if it wasn't something essential, we packed it up and set it aside.

That's just one wall of boxes (about 3 deep towards the wall).

Considering I'm really rather pregnant (we moved in my 23rd week of pregnancy) - we knew I wouldn't be much help with the heavy lifting. My brothers, who are usually our go-to labor source were on a mission trip to New Orleans, so they weren't really around much until Late Saturday night with an early Sunday moving day.

With these variables, it took a lot of planning - but we got it all worked out thanks to a bunch of our friends. John and I loaded a 20 foot trailer we borrowed and the beds of two trucks with boxes and non-furniture items Saturday (in the hot-hot-hot Texas heat!)

I worked and wiggled and manuvored boxes to fill every single available space so none was wasted.

Then Saturday evening Joshua - the youngest brother, fresh off a week long trip and long drive home came out and re-did the brakes on a truck and solved a few other unexpected problems that arose (like the trucks inability to start...).

Ever in true fashion, the project couldn't have possibly been completed in a regular way -
So this is how rednecks jump a truck that is pinned between a house & a fence. I don't recommend trying this at home.

At 1 am we were finally packed, the truck was repaired & everything was set up to take the first load the next morning first thing before church. John, Josh and I loaded into the car, all of us so relieved to finally be sitting down and I realized I had no clue where the keys were...

There was no denying that I was the last to have them, but where I put them - no idea!
Y'all Pregnancy Brain is real! Especially when tired.

After searching we gave up and located the box we had packed the key holder in, complete with a spare key to the car.

The next morning when Josh & I went to bring the 2 trucks and trailer into town to be unloaded I located the keys (sunlight, it does amazing stuff!)

Ever so logically placed on top of boxes!
While Josh, the other brothers & I were in church - John and a friend moved all the boxes into the house to sit on the tile and wood areas (the carpets were being cleaned).
It took the two of them an hour and a half to unload what it took us about 5 or 6 hours to load the night before.

After a delightful and well deserved (for them...) lunch at Fuzzy's Taco, Josh & John took the trailer back out to our old house to load the last of the boxes & all of the furniture. During this time I started unpacking the kitchen and met the 4 other friends coming in to be our afternoon crew.
The livingroom full of boxes only took 30 minutes to be sorted into the appropriate rooms after everyone arrived (& the carpet dried).

About that time the boys arrived with the second trailer full.

All in all, it was a successful move! We were "finished" by 6:30 and everyone was able to head home in a timely fashion to get to bed for a workday Monday, leaving John and I to put together the bed (with Joshua's assistance of course) and locate the necessities for the next day.

On the note of being successful: We only broke one thing!! 

We love our new home and I'm really enjoying getting to finally nest!
This is the first home we've really had that I've gotten to set up house in. Our last house was always in disarray between remodel projects and we weren't in the one before that long enough to do anything.

I can't wait to share pictures!!
Particularly of the nursery - where most of my time is spent these days!

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