Monday, July 15, 2013

Bumpdate 25 weeks!

Maternity Clothes: Yes - I have an ever growing wardrobe of maternity clothes. I plan to start packing away some of my smaller non-maternity clothes for the eventual day that I can wear them again so they aren't taking up space in the closet.

Stretch Marks: The same few on my belly :(

Belly Button In or Out: Out & showing through shirts. Though it seems to be less sensitive than it did in earlier weeks as it first popped out.

Wedding Ring on or off: On & loose.

Symptoms:I can tell I'm nearing the 3rd trimester and that my glorious 2nd trimester is coming to a close. I'm tired, achy (legs & feet) and the middle of the night bathroom runs have started again.

Cravings: Nothing in particular, though my appetite has picked up.

Aversions: None.

Sleep:Pretty Okay - not amazing. I don't feel perfectly comfortable but I'm not miserable either.

I am loving: Setting up the nursery!! I've really gotta get going on the dresser re-do though, I'm not going to have much more to do in the nursery for a while if I don't get that done.

I miss: sipping sweet adult drinks in the summer time. Swimming in lakes/Gulf... any non-chlorinated water.

The hubs put the play mat together this week!
I am looking forward to: Finishing up what I can in the nursery for the time being, baby showers, getting her closet all set up.

I'm freaking out about: Tomorrows 4 hour glucose test. I failed the 1 hour test :(I really don't want gestational diabetes!

Best moment this week: Getting moved & settled into our new house!

Worst moment this week:I think it's a tie between learning I have to take the longer glucose test and how sore I've been from moving us & Johns parents.

Emotions: Pretty okay - I seem to dwell & worry about silly things quite a bit here of late.Oh and I'm guessing my hormones are at a pretty okay level for pregnancy because things that I used to let roll off my back now make me want to SCREAM!

Milestones: We have a viable baby (last week!) and the baby will start opening her eyes soon!

Movement: Tons! I haven't been looking at my belly at the right moments to see her move from the outside but I know that when she kicks hard it makes my whole belly move!

It's a...: Baby girl!!

Exercise: Moving us in the hot Texas summer counts, right??

Diet:Good - though having sweets around has proven to be more than my self-restraint can handle!

Goals for the upcoming week:To get the dresser project started, wash all her clothes & get them hung up by size.

Nursery: It's coming along! Crib is put together, now we just need a mattress & bedding.

Bump watch:

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