Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Count Down to Baby - 28 weeks & update on Nesting List

This week has actually been really productive on the baby front! 

Date: 7/31/13

Due Date: 10/22/13 though there has been some talk of moving that estimated due date to 10/20.

How far along?: 28 weeks & 3 days :)

Weight Gain:I haven't gained any over my pre-pregnancy weight according to the doctor. Though I'm fairly certain that will change after my next appointment considering I can tell how much I'm growing and that my belly has seemingly exploded over night!

My baby is the size of a: Small Cabbage - I like Pregnant Chicken's version better, a Chihuahua!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, and much to my dismay - I'm probably about to have to go get more.

Stretch Marks: Oh yeah... The 3 became six. Symmetrical and lovely around my belly button like a cat scratch on each side. Hopefully that will be the last of it!

Belly Button In or Out: These days we have several different versions of "out" - we have the slightly popped out version that I sport most days, then we have the "baby is high & pushing" version that makes it poke out and be visible through even my most baggy shirts and lastly we have "Baby girl is trying to leave the womb via my belly button" version that makes my belly button stand up and take on a whole life of it's own (and did I mention painful?!?)

Wedding Ring on or off: On & loose

Symptoms:Well I have the Pregnancy gingivitis going on - that was lovely to discover (though the bleeding gums had tipped me off, so I suspected). I'm tired, can't bend over etc. but really most days it isn't a big deal - to quote my mother "I'm myself, just bigger".

Cravings:  Sweets, I'm trying to keep this one under control and slate the craving with fresh fruit smoothies made at home (cost effective!)

Aversions: None that I can think of!

Sleep:Could be better... I think I may have become a permanent resident on our couch because the bed just isn't cutting it anymore.

I am loving: Setting up the nursery & together time with John. I'm having trouble accepting that time between just the two of us is about to become scarce.

I miss: Good sleep...

I am looking forward to: Birthing & breast feeding classes! And baby showers are coming up soon!

I'm freaking out about: Not too much.

Best moment this week: Nothing land mark, but we're making great progress in the to-do list department!

Worst moment this week:Dentist :(

Emotions: Pretty good! I'm clingy to John - which even he has commented on, but I'm just trying to soak up all the "us" time I can before baby girl gets here! 

Milestones: We're in the 3rd trimester, less than 12 weeks to go!

Movement: Tons! It's still odd to actually see my belly move!

It's a...:GIRL!

Exercise: Good! We've been walking in the evenings and I'm hoping to increase our distance by a mile in the next couple of weeks. And... I really need to be doing some squats, gotta get on that!

Diet:Good, nothing out of the ordinary. I could probably use some more water intake but I've never been stellar at drinking enough water.

Goals for the upcoming week: Have the inevitable fight with the hospital about my "anticipated deposit", the amount they think I'll owe for this delivery. It's outrageous! Particularly because they didn't file my insurance correctly so they think my deductible is $1,500 more than it actually is, nor do they show the fact that we have, in fact, met our deductible. UGH.

Nursery: It's coming along! I'll post pictures when it's a little more "put together" and a little less of the room where we're currently dumping all things baby.

Bump watch:

If you look really hard - you can actually see the tips of my toes!

Update on the Nesting List

- Get pre-registered at the hospital (Completed 7/25)
- Interview & hire a doula - I've picked one that I think I'm going to really like! We are working out a time to meet for the interview... so some progress on this front!
- Write a birth-plan (with the doula)
- Birthing classes Registered 7/30!
- Pick a Pediatrician Found one that comes highly recommended along with the other 3 doctors in her practice. As long as our "interview" doesn't have any unforeseen surprises, we're good to go on this front!
- Visit the Dentist I saw the dentist on the 30th. Pregnancy Gingivitius is wreaking havoc with my gums so I will get to see them at least once more before baby girl comes!
- Wash all of babys clothes from Newborn through 3 months
- Set up nursery essentials (bedding, put clothes & diapers in dresser etc.)
- Hang wall art for nursery
- finish changing name legally
- Update our Wills, my Living Will and End of life directives
- Enter all time for DCCPS & ACPF to date
- Have my office ready for someone else to use at a moments notice (daily starting at 35 weeks)
- Clean upholstery in car & have towels adjusted to make seat covers
- Make seat covers for new van.
- Pepper to the vet
- New tires on Car.
- Baby-Proof House
- Pack a hospital bag for mommy, daddy & baby
- Get Guest Room set up & ready for guests (I'm not marking this one as "complete" because there are a few things I'd like done before we have guests when baby girl makes her debut, but it was "guest ready" for John's cousin last weekend so the bulk of the work is done!)
- Install Doorbell
- Install car seats (week 37/38)

- Have at least 2 weeks worth of freezer meals ready to go before baby comes (this means I've got to get our chest freezer out of storage {and find a place for it to go!}!)


  1. I am so ready for you to be a mom, me to be an aunt, and John to be rolling his eyes at us ALL THE TIME!!! So happy for you two, and know that you will be the best mother ever!

  2. So exciting!! Love that little bump of yours. Precious!


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