Friday, August 2, 2013

Pre Baby: Things I say Now...

This post has been a labor of love over a great deal of time. Finally time to dust it off out of the drafts folder now that our life is going to change forever. 

The things I say now, knowing full well that they may change later...

For my greatest treasures!
  •  no cokes in our house, this one is more John's expectation than mine because, well I love cokes
  • Fast food will not be a staple in my childs diet, nor will it be considered a reward - we are not dogs, I will not reward good behavior with food.
  • kick the dogs out of bed with us before the baby comes
  • breast feed exclusively until 6 months minimum.
  • I'm not going to become a Mommy Blogger, limiting my child centered posts to once a week
  • Not letting every little thing my child does make it to a facebook status! OR, giving myself a "pat on the back" for being a mom - duh any mom with half a brain does that stuff! It's my job.
  • My child won't become a facebook child - I will limit the number of posts that my child's picture is in & I will do my best to not over-expose the child on social media.
  • An all natural delivery.
  • I'm not going to let the kiddos stuff take over my house - just because I have a kid doesn't mean my house has to be for the child. By that same token, I won't force my child to live in an adult enviornment, meaning I get that kids make messes, and aren't prefectly mannered little adults - I can work with that and embrace it! 
  • I know kiddos will misbehave in public and we will all experience a toddler meltdown in aisle 3 at some point, but restaurants are one place I can control this! If my child won't sit still & behave - I will take the child to the car.
  • Technology/TV/Computers... Electronics in general will not be my babysitter on a frequent occasion. They will be used with time limits and it will be a privilege, not a right.
  • We won't co-sleep. That's what I bought a crib for. My bed is for Mommy & Daddy.

I'd like to think that I've made a pretty reasonable list of "things I say now" but, as every new mom has discovered, things change after the little one comes! (I don't even have the child here yet and my last 4 out of 5 posts have been about the baby, parenting and the pregnancy... pretty sure I won't make it on the "not being a Mommy blogger" front).

I have also recently discovered just how much stuff a child requires and am having to re-evaluate my rant on having an "Adult House". I still don't want toys everywhere, but I'm having to accept (not sure why this hadn't been realized before now) that Baby Girl is a member of our household too. I have things in our living room, she will too. It's unreasonable to expect all of her stuff to fit into one tiny bedroom.

What are some things that you said pre-baby in your life? 
How did your perspective change after additions to your family?

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