Friday, August 30, 2013

Fall Fever

I am so ready for Fall! What isn't to love? Football, good food and cute decorations!
(I would say Fall clothes, they are awfully cute, but we don't get enough cool weather to justify a "fall wardrobe")

This fall we are also welcoming our first Wee One and I'm so excited! I've always said that I need to have a Fall baby so we could do these adorable Pintrest-y things with the baby.

I'm not much into Halloween Decorating per-say. We grew up wearing costumes & trick-or-treating but we always did animal costumes, or Biblical costumes, Prince/Princess type themes, never the scary stuff. My fall decor style is much the same, nice fall decorations in general, come October 31, I might add a jack-o-lanturn or two but that's about it.

Is it too early to start decorating for fall??
I know if I wait too long, I will be far too pregnant to care, but I'm really antsy to bust out the orange boxes in the storage shed!

If I manage a Fall Craft for this year, I think it may only be an adorable Tassel Garland in fall colors. 
I love this tutorial by Wifessionals on how to do one in yarn (so it's more durable for storage etc.). If I get really crazy, I may make one in Red & Black for Tech Football games! (Wreck 'Em Tech!)
Wifessionals: DIY Yarn Tassel Garland

 Do you have any fun fall crafts planned?

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