Monday, August 19, 2013

Count Down to Baby {30 Weeks}

Date: 8/12/13

Due Date: 10/22/13 roughly... I'm trying to really stay attached to the estimated concept of a due date.

How far along?: 30 weeks, 1 day.

Weight Gain: 5 pounds since my last dr visit, 1 pound over all for the pregnancy.

My baby is the size of a: Head of lettuce! She is about as long as she will get, from here on out she is just packing on the baby fat & finalizing development.

Maternity Clothes: Yes! Today I'm wearing the shirt that was my very first maternity shirt. It seems so crazy that when I got the shirt, it was still loose and flowing. I'm probably a week out from not being able to button it up at all!

Stretch Marks:Yes, My 6 have expanded to become more like 8. Fortunately, since they're on the bottom side of my now very round belly, I don't really see them unless I'm looking in a mirror!

Belly Button In or Out: Out in varying degrees based on Baby Girls location.

Wedding Ring on or off: On & loose

Symptoms: A couple of braxton hicks contractions - one last week that included some back pain/back labor that was pretty miserable. Insomnia, indigestion, iritability, sleeplessness (because I have to pee about 6 times a night), and back pain. My father was sweet enough to mention yesterday that my feet & ankles have also started retaining water - Woo Hoo for Edema!

Cravings:  Key lime pie! Chex Mix!

Aversions:Eggs & milk. Though Eggs have made me sick since pretty much day one of this pregnancy, I really wanted them the other day so I whipped up an omelet for lunch - then spent the next hour working to keep the omelet down.

Sleep: Eh. I am trying not to complain about it. Especially since this is only the beginning of my sleeplessness... Between leg cramps (yes, I'm drinking a ton of water) and having to pee all the time, I'm not really sleeping more than an hour stretch at a time. Poor John's sleep is suffering from all this restlessness too. I'm not sure there is a solution, but if so - I need to find it fast, I can't seem to haul myself out of bed to make it to work before 9:30 each day... which of course leads to later evenings in the office making up for my morning nap.

Mobile for above glider/Home Depot Run for Project above changing table/Jealous cat!
I am loving: Putting together the nursery! This weekend, John and I made a mobile to go over the glider for Baby Girls enjoyment during nursing & feedings and her name art for the wall above her crib!

I miss: The beach - it will take a catastrophe for us not to find some sandy something to call a beach to rest my hiney on next summer! Oh I miss it!!

I am looking forward to: Meeting our Doula this week! Baby Showers! (& Fall weather!)

I'm freaking out about: Delivery! Where/When my water will break.  The possibility of her coming early & not being able to work though the 10/15 deadline and payperiod (aka doing my job...).

Best moment this week: I really enjoyed our first week of birthing classes!

Worst moment this week:Nothing in particular comes to mind. My emotions are pretty raw, so work stuff is bothering me more than normal.

Emotions: Pretty good! I'm not overly moody or emotional, but I have trouble hiding it when something bothers me. 

Milestones: We're 10 weeks away from meeting our little girl! She has defined sleep patterns now, and here of late she has started getting a little too active at night for me to sleep - so we have learned that playing music for her calms her & puts her to sleep :)

Movement: Tons! I love laying in bed & watching my belly move in the mirror. I can see a lot more of the movement when I can see my belly from more than just the top angle.

It's a...:Girl!

Exercise: Walking (in the 100 degree heat) to the corner convenience store for chocolate & back to the office counts - right?

Diet:It could be better... For the first time I'm really, consistently hungry. ("I'm hungry" were my first word to John this morning) I've got to make an extra effort to have better snack food around to accommodate the cravings.

Goals for the upcoming week:
  • Finish her name art & hang on the wall
  • Pack hospital bags
  • Finish hospital paperwork
  • Move the pack & play and the bassinet to where they will go to start letting the dogs get adjusted. 
  • Send out the last of the thank you notes from gifts etc, so I'm caught up going into showers

Nursery: It's coming along! Looking more & more like a nursery rather than just the room where we dump all the baby stuff.

Bump watch: 

On another note: Moms who Blog - what considerations did you make when deciding what to share about your child on your blog? With Facebook, I can control & monitor who has access so much more than I can in the blog world. To share the name? Not share the name? Share photos? How many? How do you keep enough privacy to maintain some barriers/safety?

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  1. This was so much fun to read :) It brought back memories of when I was pregnant with my precious son. I loved your craving - isn't is funny what kind of food you'll want? I craved tomatoes and I absolutely hate tomatoes! :) Have a lovely day and thanks for sharing. Hugs!


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