Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dear Baby Girl {31 Weeks}

Dear Baby Girl,

I love how your personality is already showing through even though we haven't met you yet. I think you're going to be shy, like I was when I was little. You can be moving & rocking in my belly but the moment someone else (except Daddy of course) comes up to feel your movements you stop and get very still.

We're less than 9 weeks away from meeting you! Mommy & Daddy are both so excited, but we're also a little nervous! Your bedroom is coming along, but we're hoping to have a few more pretties on the wall for you before your arrival.

All our Love!
Mommy & Daddy

Date: 8/26/13

Due Date: 10/22/13

How far along?: 32 w. 1 d.

Weight Gain: 2 pounds since the last doctors visit, 3 pounds overall for the pregnancy.

My baby is the size of a: Head of Lettuce/Honeydew Melon

Maternity Clothes: Yes! And needing to add a few more pieces to my collection - I'm currently shopping for items for maternity pictures & baby showers!!

Stretch Marks: Yes - though they seem less red & angry. I'm hopeful they'll fade nicely after baby girl's arrival.

Belly Button In or Out: Out!

Wedding Ring on or off: On & somewhat loose, it just depends on the day.

Symptoms:Back aches, some insomnia, heart burn/indigestion.

Cravings:  I'm still enjoying Key Lime pie, but I wouldn't say I'm particularly craving anything this week.

Aversions:None really!

Sleep:Could be better, but it has certainly been worse!

I am loving: Feeling her move & being able to recognize her sleep patterns throughout the day.

I miss: Usual summer activities, bending over easily, getting up off the couch without assistance.

I am looking forward to: Baby showers!

I'm freaking out about: Labor, not so much the actual process, I feel like I'm very informed and ready for that - more like the fact that I don't know when it will start. John and I both are starting to feel antsy and both of us have a feeling she will come early. It's kind of nerve wracking to think it's less than 2 months until she will be here!

Worst moment this week: We had a little scare last week. Apparently I have a residual kidney infection from one of my many previous infections throughout this pregnancy. I had no clue, I thought my backache was just normal pregnancy stuff. Unfortunately when I got my booster shot to protect baby girl against Pertussis it was more than my immune system could handle with the existing infection and it caused a high, unrelenting fever. A few days of bed-rest and what I'm sure will be a pricey hospital visit things are starting to look up!

It's a...:GIRL!

Exercise: Some walking - I really need to do more!

Goals for the upcoming week: Last week we only accomplished some of our goals - we got the Pack & Play set up in the livingroom where it will belong & the Bassinet to the bedroom. I had read that it was important for the animals in the house to have these changes before the baby comes, but I hadn't realized how important. When we set up the Pack & Play, Pepper walked around like a beaten pup for the remainder of the evening. It was heartbreaking!

This week I need to - **Finish hospital paperwork! **Get finalized guest list for showers to Hostesses, **Actually mail the written thank-yous!, **Continue packing hospital bags **Clean/Organize.

Nursery: We have finished the name art for the most part! It needs some touch-up paint (in a color I don't have of course...) and putting hardware on the back to hang it on the wall.
I also need to start work on hanging the peg board for above her changing table. It isn't hard - just have to find the time!

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