Friday, October 11, 2013

Bumpdate {38 weeks}

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I honestly never got it before! Before I was pregnant, before I was in my 3rd trimester and particularly not until I was past my 35th week. I get why people like scheduled inductions & knowing exactly when your baby will be coming!  This past Monday I woke up at about 4 am with contractions. It's pretty normal for me to have contractions these days, even multiple per day. This was different. They had a pattern to them & lasted for hours! I called into work and thought that we'd be meeting our little girl! I knew better than to think it would be soon, I figured we were about a day or so off since the contractions weren't quickly moving together. Boy was I disappointed! By that evening it was obvious that I had just had an entire day of false labor. A day of work lost when we're just 8 days off from the last major tax deadline of the year.  My patience is gone and at this point I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to make it to my due date {14 days away!} much less after that if Baby Girl decides she likes it better inside me than out.


Due Date:
October 22
How far along?:
38 Weeks!!
Weight Gain:
5 pounds since my last appointment. Which is a lot in a week - we're hopeful I'm retaining water! That makes it 4 pounds overall for the pregnancy.

My baby is the size of a:

Maternity Clothes:
A necessity and too small for me! I bought a few postpartum nursing camis the other day and just stared at them. It seems so crazy that I should be small enough to fit in normal people clothes again soon! I even bought them for a size larger than I think I'll need & it still seems so foreign to me!

Wedding Ring on or off:
On, but some days it does seem quite tight.

Really, other than being very large this week has been great! I have contractions and when I'm on my feet too much I'm swelling a little. My appetite is okay, sleep is better than it's been in a long time (I only have to get up and pee twice a night!! Yay for TMI!). I'm just so frustrated and beyond ready to meet my little girl!

Chocolate! This has been the first time in the pregnancy that sweets have really been my craving, but yesterday I'd have killed for a chocolate chip cookie!
I am loving:
That even if it feels like an eternity, we're only 14 days from her due date!! The nursery is finished! We're *so close* to being a family of three!!
I miss:
Being able to roll over in bed without great effort, really just being not pregnant.
I am looking forward to:
Her arrival!
I'm freaking out about:
Not much, work has me a little stressed. I've learned that if I shut my office door and turn on some music I can manage the anxiety that currently comes with being in the office. I think most of it roots itself in not knowing if I will be back at my desk in the next six weeks or not after I leave for the evening.
Best moment this week:
Hearing that we're progressing!! Our midwife is betting that we will have her by the end of the weekend! She is low and I'm 3 cm dialated and according to the Midwife, my Cervix "looks great!"

Worst moment this week:
All the false labor!

Frustration at not controlling or knowing when she will be coming!
Excitement over knowing that we're so very close to our little girls birth!
Anxiety over work stuff.
I'm walking, a lot! I'd say two or more miles a day on average. I'd walk more but my huge belly is a lot of work for my round ligaments to hold up, so that usually puts the kabosh on that.
Pretty good! I don't eat a lot, but we're eating well (except for that chocolate & candy corn craving...). We've been cooking at home a lot since I'm doubling recipes & freezing them for after Baby Girls arrival. It's been really nice to come home to good "real" food and knowing that it will be easily available to me again soon!
Goals for the upcoming week:
We have some things left on our to-do lists, but we got a LOT knocked out last weekend. If she came tomorrow, it would be fine!
It's all finished! I can't wait to show it off soon!

Bump watch:

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