Monday, October 7, 2013

Count Down to Baby {37 Weeks!!}

We are getting a lesson in patience this week. I'm having to work really hard to manage my anxiety (and blood pressure) and just let things unfold as they may and be okay with it.  At our appointment on Wednesday, we learned that our OB Practice is pulling out of one hospital ("plan a") in town and moving to the other ("plan b"). In many ways, this is great news - we wanted to deliver at the "plan b" hospital originally but it didn't work out. "Plan B" has a level 3 NICU (whereas "plan a" has none...) and is a much friendlier hospital for natural birth from what I've heard.

Where this gets complicated is that the last day that the Doctors will maintain privileges at "plan a" is 10/24. The OBs have already established privileges at "plan b", but they have not come through for the midwives in the practice yet.  So what that means for me is, until my Midwife is allowed to practice at "plan B", she can only deliver at "plan a" until 8 am on the 24th. Then, if the privileges still haven't come through, she can't deliver for us at all and one of the random OBs that I don't know will be the attending physician.

We're doing our best to stay calm and do what we can (but we'll see how that is going if nothing has changed by our appointment next week... lol).  I'm pre registering at "plan b" incase we end up there and was able to get squeezed into their Labor/Delivery/Recovery tour this evening.

So, if you would please Pray that "plan B" hospital gives the Midwives rights ASAP. My Midwife said it could be an any day thing, but you never know how long these things can take and of course labor could be an any day thing too!

Date: 10/4/13
Due Date: 10/22/13

Weight Gain: I lost 3 pounds since my last Midwife appointment at 36 weeks, so I'm down a pound overall for the pregnancy.

My baby is the size of a: Baby?!? Pretty sure comparisons are a tad bit silly at this point, but she's the size of a small watermelon (but when was the last time you saw a baby that looked like the size/shape of a watermelon?!?).

Symptoms: Morning sickness is back in full swing, though I am quite grateful that it seems restricted to the actual morning!!

Cravings: CAFFEINE!! Could be the fact that I'm exhausted, can't sleep & work has me quite stressed out. So, when I can physically sleep I can't stop dwelling on payrolls, cash flow and random other stupid junk enough to sleep!

Sleep: (see above...)

I am loving: That the nursery is pretty much finished! Many thanks to the Bestie, Lauren, for coming over and helping out with the last few items that needed our attention.

I am looking forward to: Meeting our baby girl! We have another meeting with our Doula on Monday - I love getting together with her!

I'm freaking out about: Labor & not knowing when I'll go into labor not to mention where we will deliver or who will deliver the baby.

Best moment this week: Hearing baby girls heart beat at the Midwifes office!

Milestones: Baby girl is FULL TERM!!!
Also, I was Strep B negative so we're good to labor at home as long as possible as we planned for in our birth plan (post coming soon)!!

Movement: Poor baby girl is getting pretty cramped, so she still wiggles around and I get the occasional jab or kick; but most movement is quite restricted.

Exercise: We've been walking daily, I'm doing everything I can to speed this process up!!

Diet: I'm eating like I have been all pregnancy, but I really don't have an appetite. Though baby girl has dropped, she is clearly going to be a long one; she is still pushing on my lungs & stomach so there isn't much room for food in there.

Goals for the upcoming week: We still have a few items on our Nesting List & we've made quite a long Hubby To Do list for things around the house.
Get some stuff out of storage: Baby stuff for my Dad's house, Exercise ball, chest freezer, owl night light.
Return duplicate gifts to stores, complete registries.
Shopping Projects: Buy baskets for the changing table & peg board, Order Milestone Stickers for Baby Girl, buy Plastic Drawer storage for last of clothes that don't go in the closet and there isn't room in the dresser for. Get a Slip cover for living room chair.
Mommy needs to: order extra parts for breast pump & boil/sanitize parts. Check that Daddy's bag is packed for the hospital, pack Mommy's postpartum bag.
Daddy needs to: Install the doorbell, vacuum all the carpet, mow the yard, re-hang the guest room curtain, hang a new window shade in the laundry room.

Print/buy and hang wall art for the Peg Board

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  1. I see drawers in the corner of that picture! Love them and all the pink going on in that picture!


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