Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bumpdate {39 weeks}

We went to see the Midwife today and while I'm showing progress and could go into labor any time, we could also be weeks away from our Baby Girl joining us.  We're 6 days from our due date and 7 days away from when we would need to switch hospitals & our Midwife wouldn't be able to deliver our baby (explanation here).  She is giving us options for inducing labor as early as Sunday night if we want to. She's confidant that a small dose of Pitocin would be enough to get my body into active labor & it would just take it from there. We agreed to schedule an extra appointment with her for Friday to have my Membranes Swept if I haven't gone into labor before then & hopefully that would get the ball rolling through the weekend. I'm really trying to hold out from the frustration of all the false labor, not knowing when she will come and the possibility of not knowing the doctor that will deliver our child and keep from giving into the offer of Pitocin. Unfortunately my blood pressure is also taking a sudden rise that we're going to have to watch closely. 
So, if you would, please pray that my body takes the hint & we go into labor naturally in the next 48 hours or so!

The Doggies are ready to meet their Sissy!


Due Date: 10/22 - 6 days away

How far along?: 39 weeks 1 day

Weight Gain: I was down 3 pounds from last week, so up a pound overall for the pregnancy.

My baby is the size of a: Baby!

Symptoms: My swelling is pretty under control. I'm very tired and the constant bouts of false labor really don't help this much. My nausea is still here, but I do get some breaks from it so I'll take this over first trimester any day.

I'm not really craving anything, but meat in just about any form is pretty revolting this week. I made a beef stew the other day and proceeded to not eat any of it. Everyone else says it was good!
I'm going to bed about 9 or 10 at the latest, but I'm up a minimum of 4 times a night and I have lots of contractions during the night so I'm awake about once an hour. It's really no surprise I'm so tired.

I miss: I can't decide what I want John to go get me first when Baby Girl comes. Sushi sounds really good, but so does a Monster (why don't they sell them in smaller cans?!?) I really miss simple things like bending over & putting on socks & shoes without sounding so pathetic, and getting out of bed with ease. I can't wait!!

I am looking forward to:
Greeting my baby girl, not being pregnant anymore & having the marathon of labor behind us!

I'm freaking out about:
All the uncertainty revolving around our delivery & end of pregnancy.

Nerves, frustration, emotional exhaustion

I'm 3 full cm. Our Midwife said that she would almost consider it 4 cm because we're so close but recorded it as 3.5 cm since we aren't in active labor yet (4 cm marks the point of active labor). My Cervix is ripe & very "stretchy" (attractive huh?). Baby is in a good position & I'm measuring 39 cm.

My Chiropractor said that my pelvis isn't as loose as she sees it with many women ready to deliver, but agrees that Baby Girl is lined up & ready to go!

I'm walking every chance I get & today is a day off for us from work (yesterday was our last major tax deadline of the year!) so I plan to spend the rest of the day on my feet encouraging the contractions & cleaning the house.

Goals for the upcoming week:
Having this baby!!

Bump watch:


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