Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Living the Journey {3} Busy Times

As bloggers we're so accustomed to sharing content:
Real life happens, we take pictures, draft it, edit it, post it.

I saw this as I was perusing Pinterest a while ago - I thought it was so funny!


Have you ever had a time when real life is happening, or better yet - it's happening and consuming all of your life? There is plenty to write about but it just isn't the appropriate time to write about it? That is where I am right now. 

The timing is off. Maybe I worry about it too much - I only have one "in real life" friend who reads my blog with regularity. There's just something so real and final about putting something out there for everyone to see.  Sometimes things just need to stay private amongst family.

I can't wait until the timing is right and I can just talk about what is going on.
In the mean time, I figure it's just another chapter in life.

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  1. Hope all is well with ya! Let me know if you need anything! Love ya girly!


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