Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Living The Journey {1 The little things}

Good morning!! I'm so excited to be hosting our first link up with Lauren!!

Sometimes in life when things are stressful it always seems to be the little things piling up that make life crazy. 

- Like how many more days will we have fog?!? It adds 10 minutes to my drive!
- Going full time at work!! Exciting (and I guess that's more of a big thing...) but then I realize all the things I have been putting off doing in the 2 hours in the morning I don't work and now I don't know when I'll do them.

Sometimes it's hard to look at the big picture. But today I'm trying to remind myself to keep my eye on not the little things that can bog down joy, but on the big things that matter in the long run!

I hope you'll join Lauren and I today & every Wednesday!!

The rules are simple:
Follow Lauren and I.
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Write a post & link up! We want everyone to be able to participate, so any post is great!! 
Visit other blogs in the link up! Lauren and I did this as a way to network and grow our blogging community - get out there and meet some great new bloggers!!

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