Friday, November 7, 2014

Thankful November - Week 1

I'm pretty horrible at photo challenges but I love doing Thankful posts in November. So, we'll see if I can do most of the month. 

In true fashion, I missed day one. 
So, I'm thankful that I can give myself a break and that it is okay for me to forget what month it is on occasion. (Because, yes - the fact that November had begun just completely escaped me)

Day 2
I'm so thankful that my daughter gets to grow up with her Uncle Robert close by. They have fun bonding activities like loading the dishwasher ;) #thankful #coralieelizabeth #day2 #imonly1daybehind #thatsimpressiveforme
By the end of Cora "helping" Robert load the dishwasher, she was sitting on the open door pulling all the silverware out of the basket.

Day 3
Today I'm grateful that I have a daughter to make messes like this one - starbursts on the mattress. I don't know how she got the candy or got it stuck to the bed. #thankful #day3
I should also mention that I'm grateful that I had the (not so) useless knowledge to put ice on the starburst to help it come up off the mattress.

Day 4
Forgot to post yesterday's #thankful #day4 I'm so grateful for the freedom we have to vote & for those who serve our nation!

Day 5
Robert is making a bunch of appearances in my thankful posts. I'm thankful he's so handy & willing to help. Today what should have been an easy project of replacing panels turned into a big plumbing repair disaster only to be topped by losing power along with 800 locals. And yet, I'm #thankful for the low cost house & a roof over our head. #day5

Day 6
Today I'm thankful for our freezer meal swap group! Each month I'm able to provide a good variety of foods for my family on the nights that would normally be fast food or junk because there isn't time to cook something. #thankful #day6

I am looking forward to writing more about our freezer meal swap group. It has been such a blessing!

What are you #thankful for this year?

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