Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Coralie 3 Months Old!

Cora turns 3 months old today! Goodbye 4th Trimester & Infancy; we have a baby now! 

Napping with Mommy & Mr. Foot
The third month of life came with a TON of development! I can really tell that she is leaving the wake, eat, sleep age and transitioning into a more playful baby girl. She's almost completly moved away from her two hour schedule that she's maintained since birth and we're on a pretty consistent three hour schedule between feedings. She's also taking closer to 4 ounces of breast milk at each feeding verses last months 3 or sometimes 3 and a half.

Cora can now sit up with complete neck control (assisted of course) so now we are making great use of her Bumpo seat! She still loves to grasp things and will sometimes reach out for objects but I'm looking for that particular skill to develop more this month. If I had to guess she is a bit spoiled that we anticipate what she wants and hand it to her rather than making her reach for it (then I freak out that she isn't reaching "enough" - like they're measuring this?!? Oh Mom guilt!)

At Pediatrician for 2 mo shots
She's really discovered her mouth! She sucks her thumb, or her fist. Whichever she can get in her mouth the quickest. I may regret this later but right now I'm happy that she has found a way to soothe herself if I can't get a passifier to her right away. She loves blowing spit bubbles with all the drool she is producing (which is tons and tons!)! She is very close to discovering her feet! She gets really interested in someone touching them (though she's not particularly ticklish, there or anywhere) and she'll pull them up and stare at them but we haven't seen her grabbing them yet.

UNT v. Southern Miss Basketball game
She has a favorite toy! Mr. Foot - her Sock Monkey from her Great Grandparents! She also likes her Lion, Stewart, or "Stew", from Auntie Tiffany (my good friend)! She seems to really like that the arms & legs are small enough for her to grip. It's so adorable to watch her hold them as she sleeps! Mom has already left Mr. Foot at a Chili's and had to go back for him!

Tummy time isn't Cora's favorite but just this past weekend she rolled over from her front to her back! She's been so close for so long! She was just a few weeks old doing tummy time and if she could have just coordinated everything she could have rolled. There have been a couple of 'assisted' rolls where she's slightly propped on something and can roll off of it, but this is the first roll from a completely flat surface!
Today I have it on my Mom list to research ways to encourage her to roll from her back to her front. Suggestions Moms?? Once she gets from her tummy to her back she is more than content to lay there looking at her floor mat toys dangle over her.

Her first play date with E while we did our Cara Box exchange!
Coralie is still a very happy girl with a great bubbly demeanor through most of the day! She still has a 'witching hour' that starts about 6 in the evening and lasts until bed (that has been going on for a couple of months now), she'll fuss and fuss then bust out into all out wails if we don't hold her constantly...but it seems to be getting better the last week or so! Speaking of crying - she now has big tears to go with those cries! Her eyes get red and puffy and all adorable if it weren't for the fact that
she's usually crying for no particular reason.

Stew the Lion!
This past week we've started stage one of our Sleep Training plan (consistent sleeping in her bassinet, rather than in bed with Mom). I never want to move her out of our room but those are my emotions talking. My brain (and John) know that it's time to make the transition to her room. We've started a bedtime routine of: last diaper change of the day, pajamas, then lavender lotion, a bedtime story book with Daddy and nursing with Momma until drowsy then into her Bassinet she goes. Her glowing seahorse toy has really come in handy for this!
Next week we plan to move the bassinet into her bedroom and do a few nights with her in there in the bed she is accustomed to. If that is successful we'll then make the transition to her crib!

Mommy & Postpartum:  This upcoming weekend will be my first overnight time away from her. We're going to sneak off to a hotel and just spend some intentional time together for John's birthday & our 3rd anniversary (much like we did last year). I'm excited and nervous at the same time. She'll be with my Dad and since he keeps her when I work I know he'll be fine and she'll be fine - I'm just anxious about it all. 

First playdate with Juliet
In regards to Postpartum, I feel great! I've dropped another pants size since she was born, so that's great and all but it's really time to start working out. Not sure when Moms find time for that?!? I know I've got a few things out of place and need to go back and see a Chiropractor again (ahem, pelvic bone). What isn't great... hair loss, like A LOT of hair loss! I don't even know how to describe how much hair I'm loosing! I fill my hairbrush each morning, we had to snake our bathtub drain to clean out my hair. I swept the bathroom at work and was disgusted at how much of my hair I'm apparently leaving everywhere! Do moms have any suggestions on how to reduce this? I'm doubting that there's anything to be done but I'm desperate!

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  1. Aww! She's growing fast. She is just so precious. Good job Mama!


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