Friday, January 24, 2014

Being Intentional: January

For the first month of being intentional with my time (more about that goal here) I get off easy on the planning side! January is a busy, busy month for us! It's actually a goal of Johns and mine to not have children in January because there's just so much going on already (fingers crossed God agrees with that plan!)! We have New Years (duh!), my Birthday, John's Birthday and our Anniversary. Poor John really gets the short end of the stick on his birthday since it's only 3 days before our Anniversary, the two just get combined most of the time.

This weekend John and I are getting away overnight to celebrate both our Anniversary and his Birthday. We're not doing anything big and crazy; A. We're broke! (but I love my time with my daughter way more than having money!) and B. I'm not ready to spend much time away from Coralie yet. 

Tonight we'll be at home, I'm planning to try out Stuffed Pepper Soup that Christa raves about! Then I have the fun and joyous tasks of meal planning for February (we're doing a no eating out challenge!) and budgeting for February. Joy, Joy!

Tomorrow is when the fun begins:
We've booked a hotel in Irving? (John is taking care of planning this shindig)
He's letting me go to IKEA!! For no fun - adult reasons... we need stuff, like trash cans and other small stuff that's just fun to get at Ikea!

We're going to dinner at Maggianos! John hasn't ever been, I haven't been since my bachelorette party so we thought that would be a fun, yet on the simpler (aka affordable) side. 

I *think* we may also be squeezing in a movie in a real movie theater! We haven't been to the movies in a theater in a long time! (I'm not counting seeing Frozen with the cousins, chaperoning never counts and John opted to watch football rather than go!)

This weekend will also be my first night away from Cora since she was born (other than the nights she was in NICU and not right beside my bed). I'm excited, intellectually I understand that John and I need this time together but geeze this is hard! Little Miss Cora will be in good hands with my Dad, so no worries on that front. As much as I will miss her, there's no denying that I'm really looking forward to a full, uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep!

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