Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Quarter Century

Last week I turned 25 - a whole quarter century! I don't make a big deal about my birthday, I just enjoy spending time with my family. John got me some pretty flowers and dressed Cora up in an adorable onsie that he made for her. After running errands and cleaning house (I'm telling you, we really live it up for my birthday!) we went to dinner with my Dad and youngest brother.

Each year on my birthday I like to set goals for myself and the coming year. Basically like everyone else does at New Years but I don't get around to until four days later... (and I'm finally getting to publish this 11 days after my birthday...)

This year my goal is to intentional. Intentional with my marriage, with my daughter and with my friends.

Friends - When John and I discuss our friends that we don't see often one of us usually remarks that "they're busy" or "not available". In reality, they're just as busy (or less so) than us and they're just as available as us. We're just not intentional and don't have foresight to plan ahead and schedule time to see the friends (and heaven knows we're not spontaneous). My goal is to plan ahead and have "friend time" at least once a month and to make an effort to vary which friends we're seeing.

Daughter- This year is a year of firsts! I'm so excited to plan different outtings and events for Cora and our family! I can't wait to be there to experience all her firsts! Part of this of course includes making time to be with her. This past Monday I started a new job! It was a hard decision for us to make for me to leave my last company. Even though it was hard, we both knew it was the right move! I'm working three days a week with some flexibility at my new position. I added a commute, I hate traffic, but I'm about three miles from where John works so we get to commute together and I love spending that time with him in the mornings and afternoons.

Husband - As much as I love time with my daughter, I have to keep making my marriage a priority! I've planned a date or outting for each month of the year. This time is for us to go and spend together making certain that the two of us are still strong in our love for each other and maintaining the foundation of our family.

I couldn't be more excited about everything that is in store for our family in 2014!

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