Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coralie 2 months Old!

I can hardly believe that Cora is 2 months old! In many ways she is much like her 1 month self through most of her second month of life. The last week and a half or so she has changed drastically!

A few days ago I was watching her sleep in her swing before I took her to bed for the night and it just hit me that she is beginning to have the "baby" look rather than the little bitty infant features. I stopped what I was doing (cleaning... my house will never be clean again it seems!) and took her to bed, woke John up and cried to him about it.

She is about the same with ability to hold her head up, though she has gained the ability to track and monitor motion much easier! She will find someone or something look at it and turn her head to follow it! This skill came on so quickly! My brothers and Dad were commenting on it too, that one day she wasn't doing this and wasn't really tracking very much with her eyes and the next she is a pro!

She loves grabbing things, she has found a great love of having a fist full of my hair whenever possible, if it's pulled back into a pony tail she will happily settle for whatever necklace I'm wearing. 

She's officially outgrown Newborn diapers but we're still jamming her in them to finish out the last of the pack we have. Her little legs aren't quite plump enough to fill out the leg holes in her cloth diapers, so we'll have to wear disposable size ones for now. 

She grins and laughs, especially in the mornings! She is still really gassy. I feel awful, I'm just sure it's somehow my fault, something I'm eating, but I can't figure it out. We'll talk to her Pediatrician about it at her 2 month check up next week.

She is still breastfeeding like a champ and I'm really loving it! There are some days that I just wish I could give her formula and move on but those thoughts are fleeting and don't last long. I love the days that I can provide all her feedings and we don't have to give her frozen breast milk. I treasure the time with her and it has really made me slow down and prioritize time with my daughter over all the hustle and bustle of other stuff. I've even gotten to where I'm really pretty comfortable breast feeding in public, though I really aught to invest in a sling soon, she's getting heavy and wiggles a lot!
We've planned to exclusively breastfeed her until she's 6 months old, and I know that at that point she'll really start wanting "real" food. Even though that's four months away, I can already tell you I will miss all the nursing and am confident that I will still nurse her some through her first birthday. 

Sleep... oh sleep how I miss thee! ha. Actually it's not that bad. Yes, I'm tired but in the grand scheme of things it isn't awful. The lack of sleep in pregnancy was worse, at least I sleep well when I get the opportunity! Cora had been sleeping through the night or really close to it, 6 and 7 hour stretches, even a couple of 8 hour spurts after particularly busy days until just after Thanksgiving. 
Then I went back to work... She regressed to waking every two hours like clock work. 11 pm, 1 am, 3 am, 5 am and then again at 7 when we'd get up for the day. Slowly shes stretched the two hour intervals to three and we have almost made it back to a whole night but it's been a long month! Right now she eats at about 11 pm and will sleep until 5 am. I'll take it! :)

In her second month of life...
First Thanksgiving, First "snow" (though it was really a bad ice storm), Her first Santa Pictures, She went to her Uncles' church Christmas Contata, Stayed with her Grandma and Chipaw for a few hours while Mommy & Daddy went to a Christmas party and had her first Pierce family Cousins' Reunion! It was a few days after her 2 month mark but we'll count it anyway, Her first Christmas!

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