Friday, May 19, 2017

Trying out Stitch Fix

I received a Stitch Fix box for the first time last week. I was so excited to get the box, clothes that show up at your door (aka no dragging children out to stores where they inevitably misbehave), they have your sizes and measurements so everything should fit and they're fun stylish things! What's not to love right?!

I'm needing to beef up my summer wardrobe pretty significantly so I was hoping to get several pieces from Stitch Fix and then supplement with less expensive purchases from my usual re-sale shops that carry nicer brands etc and Target. When I subscribed for my first fix, one of the very last questions was about your budget. I *knew* these clothes were going to be higher quality than what I usually get and it's a service so of course it's going to be more expensive than my usual $3-$5 shorts etc. I also let my stylist know that I needed clothes for a summer road trip vacation and a dress that is good for church but also for graduations (because we have 3 to attend this month!). 

My fix came and I love almost all the clothes but oh my gracious the cost! It is ex-pen-sive! 
I was soooo disappointed & ended up keeping none of them which meant that I basically gave up the $20 styling fee. 

The box came over a weekend while we were out of town so I was scrambling to get them tried on before the 3 day window to send back what I don't want so my pictures are *awful* as I tried them on in a decorative mirror in my dad's guest room. Sorry!

Tinslee Dress

This dress was super cute. The fabric was high quality but was clearly cool enough to make it a nice piece for spring and summer. This would have been perfect for graduations. I think it would have transitioned nicely into the fall with a cute pair of boots.  

Y'all maybe I'm crazy but $50 is about top of the range that I can justify spending on a dress and  even that's a tough sell for me!

The big thing that made this a no-go for me, even more than the price was the neck line. I loved it, super cute, but I'm large chested & it would require a special bra of some kind to keep my straps from showing. I live in Texas, no way am I going to be committed to wearing a jacket or something all summer long. I was particularly frustrated with this because when you pick what styles you want you can select the modesty level you want. I specifically said I preferred my shoulders covered, not because I necessarily do, but because I knew bra's would be an issue for me! Do any of you know of a bra solution (that isn't strapless, or maybe an amazing strapless bra that is comfortable and actually supportive for a busty gal) that would work for dresses/shirts like this? 

Beckett V-Neck Blouse by Pixley

It is super hard to see in any of my pictures but this is a royal blue shirt with poppy looking flowers all over it in different colors. 

This shirt was just "okay". I liked the cut and like the bright colors but at $48.00 I had better love the shirt to keep it!

Finnegan Printed Cuffed Short

I'm wearing these shorts in the picture with the V-Neck blouse. They're cute and high quality but I have an almost identical pair (slightly less high quality) that I bought for $5 last spring and the shorts that Stitch Fix sent didn't fit well. Again with the price... $58 I was so disappointed to get something that didn't fit well and no way can I justify spending anywhere near that if it doesn't even fit!

My other two items I am so. bummed. about sending back. I'm on the hunt for similar clothes that will work better for me.

Ryland 2fer Maxi Dress by Gilli

I loved this dress. John loved this dress. I loved the cut, the color, the style. I loved it all!

So the problem was two-fold. Again with the price, $78.00 which because I loved it so much I tried so hard to justify it. It didn't hurt so bad when I considered that I had already spent $20 towards buying the dress so it was basically only $58 and I could kind of justify that price but the overlay of the dress is that sheer material so nice and breezy *but* it also snags really easily. I have snagged every single dress in this fabric I have ever owned, why would this dress be different? I just couldn't spend basically $80 on a dress I knew I would end up damaging in as little as one wear. I mean come on - I have kids!

Maycon Halter Top

This was my absolute favorite piece in the fix. I loved the colors and though it's hard to tell there are little tassles on the bottom of the shirt that I thought were so much fun! I have a hat that I recently picked up on Target clearance that would go perfectly. I could totally see myself wearing this. BUT back to the bra thing. I hate having my bra straps show. I couldn't think of a single way to hide them in this shirt, not even a racer-back bra would be hidden, and with big breasts there aren't cute lacy racer-back bras that could complement the shirt. It was $54 so again with the stupid expensive thing. I still almost went ahead and got it but then I started considering what a special bra would cost and I talked myself out of it.

I was scheduled for another fix that was for early July & I went ahead and cancelled it. I probably would have skipped that one regardless because that's around the time of our vacation and I know I won't have time to mess with trying the clothes on & sending them back in a 3 day window. I kept my scheduled fix for early September but might just cancel it altogether before then. Those of you who use stitch fix, tell me, do you ever get clothes cheaper than this? Did my stylist ignore my price range or is this really the lowest point of their prices? I've heard that there are more $30 & $40 is this the exception rather than the rule?

If I haven't totally rained on your parade & you want to try stitch fix here's my referral code (which would earn me a $25 credit after your first fix ships). I *want* to love it. I *want* to give this company my money and make my life easier but gosh, I just can't spend that.

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